Getting to Know: Sarah Hines

When Sarah showed up to her first state track meet she didnt show up to just run she was showing up to win. See Sarah had a family name to to up hold, her older sister had had juswt came off a state runner up finish the previous year loosing to Heather Melton of Kiowa County who was a freshman at the time. Well Sarah showed up and competed, Sarah finished 3rd in the 100 Hurdles loosing to Heather Melton of Kiowa County and Sophie Hayes of Ellinwood. THe proble with a 3rd place finish was it wasnt to her satisfaction. For most freshman this would have been a dream race. But Sarah wasnt your typical Freshman she went home and worked through the summer and when track season rolled around she worked even harder, why? she wanted that state title, West Elk had not had a female state champion since 1988 and NEVER  had, had one in the hurdles. So all Sarah did was go out and win the 100 Hurdles beating 2X state champ Heather Melton and running the second fastest time in the state of Kansas all classes (Alexa Harmon-Thomas) the nshe went out and finished 2nd in the triple jump. Guess what Sarah has been doing since winning the state title she has been dreaming of a repeat and winning the triple jump.


Question 1 - How did you get started competing in track and field?

In the seventh grade.

Question 2 - What have you been doing to prepare for the upcoming season?
My coach and I look at tape from the past season and see what I could’ve done better. We find a solution, then I train like crazy. I was at the track almost every day this summer! I’ve participated in two WSU camps this year, which have helped me a lot. I started training for indoor November 20th.

Question 3 - Are you wanting to continue your track career after High School?
I’m definitely planning on trying to run track in college but I’m not sure on any college yet.
Question 4 - Do you feel any pressure to repeat the accomplishments that you met last season or reach certain goals?
Definitely, but I’d say I put the most pressure on myself. I’ve set some high goals for myself this year and I’m counting done the days until track starts, March 11th.
Question 5 - To this point in your young career what accomplishment has been the most meaningful?
Winning State this past year has been the most meaningful. I’m the first girl to win State at my school since 1988. It was an amazing experience and I plan to work my butt off to have that experience again.

Question 6 - Are you planning on running any indoor meets this winter?
I have already began my indoor workouts, which I have to balance with basketball. I plan on attending K-State, KU, Pitt State, WSU, and Missouri Southern Indoor.
Question 7 - When your not participating in sports how do you like to spend your time?
I'm a lifeguard in the summer and I enjoy spending time with my friends, my boyfriend, Tristen and my family – especially my new nephew, Chasyn!
Question 8 - What is your favorite tv show?
Pretty Little Liars.
Question 9 - If you were given a last meal what would it be?
Buy me Italian food and I think I’ll love you forever.
Question 10 - What is your favorite subject in school?
Question 11 - Do you have any pets, if so what are they.
My family owns a Jack Russell, but I plan on getting my own German Shepherd.

Question 12 - What animal describes you best?

A bunny, because they run fast and can jump, but mainly because that’s the name I’ve adopted from some of my teammates.


Progression by Season

100 Meter Hurdles

  • 2013 Outdoor14.93
  • 2012 Outdoor15.65

300 Meter Hurdles

  • 2013 Outdoor55.49
  • 2012 Outdoor51.03

60 Meter Hurdles

  • 2013 Indoor9.61

60 Meter Dash

  • 2013 Indoor8.56

Long Jump

  • 2012 Outdoor14-5

Triple Jump

  • 2013 Outdoor35-7
  • 2012 Outdoor34-3.5

Major Wins

  • 100H @ 2013 2013 Kansas State Track and Field Championships
  • 100H @ 2013 South Central Border League Meet
  • 100H @ 2013 Fredonia Relays
  • 100H @ 2013 West Elk High School Invitational
  • 100H @ 2012 South Central Border Conference Meet
  • 100H @ 2012 Burden Central Invitational
  • 100H @ 2012 Fredonia Relays
  • 100H @ 2012 West Elk High School Invitational
  • TJ @ 2013 Fredonia Relays
  • TJ @ 2012 Burden Central Invitational