Getting to Know: Jordyn Harmon

Most would think 3 medals as a Freshman and 4 more as a Sophomore would be a pretty good high school track career, But for Jordyn Harmon of Emporia its more than that, See Jordyn won those medals at, class 2A Northern Heights, and now she will be competing for 5A Emporia High, just down the road. When Jordyn was a freshman she won a 3rd and two 5th place medals at state then she came back as a sophomore and came away with 4 medals, one 1st, one second, one 3rd and a fourth place. But her leaving 2A Northern Heights was'nt all about track and winning medals it was a life changing decision about what would be best for her future. So Jordyn Harmon enrolled at a 5A school to help better prepare herself for her future, AND maybe win a few more medals.

Question 1 - So why is it you transferred to Emporia High?

I transferred to Emporia to mainly help my future goals of being an athletic trainer. The weightlifting coach at Emporia is phenomenal. He has helped me with my future plans a bunch. and also because of the competition.

Question 2 - So in your opinion the competition will be better in 5A than in 2A where the last 3 state champions, Sarah Hines, 2013 and Heather Melton in 2011, 2012,  will be returning and another runner up in Sophie Hayes?

2A is very competitive when it comes to regionals and state. But during the regualr season meets were low in competition.

Question 3 - Are you going to be running any indoor meets this winter?

I have not looked at some of the indoor meets yet because i am trying to recover from a back/bottom injury. Depending on how my back heals and when it heals will determine if im able to compete in the indoor meets. I am hoping to be able to compete at them.

Question 4 - There was a very popular picture circulating the internet sites of you hugging and congratulating Sarah Hines after the 100m Hurdle finals how disappointing was that for you yet at the same time know you were the runner up and she was state champion?

Once we both crossed the finish line, I was so happy for myself and her. She deserved that win. My instant reaction was to hug her. I dont feel if it was disappointing at all.

Question 5 - What events are you anticipating doing for Emporia High this year?

100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, 100 and long jump. Coach Wells might have me do other events like a throwing one.

Question 6 - Are you hoping or planning on continuing your track career in college?

I definitely want to continue onto college. My coach contacted my top schools that i want to go to and so far 2 of them responded saying they want to come wathc me run and possibly recruit me.

Can we ask who?

Pitt State and Limestone University

Question 7 - if you were given a last meal what would it be?

Definitely apples and celery with raisins all with peanut butter.

Question 8 - What if any pets do you have?

I have 2 golden retriever/lab mix dogs. They love to go on runs with me.

Question 9 - What animal describes you best?

I would probably say a Gazelle because of a hurdle drill my dad and I created for me to do, and when I do the drill i look like a Gazelle.

Question 10 - And finally now that you will be running in class 5A this year do you have any goals in moving up 3 classes?

I want to break 14.8 in the 100H and be in the low 45's or 44's in the 300H