Getting to Know Joe Reagan

Question 1 - How did you get started competing in track and field?

I started in 7th grade during the middle school track season. When I was at a meet in Rossville, I met coach Lance Lenard of the Northeast Kansas Track Club and since then I have been doing winter and summer track with them and at Seaman for school track.

Question 2 - Will you be competing in any indoor meets this season?
Yes I'll be competing in the K-State High School Track Invitational and the Great Northern Indoor Classic in Bloomington Illinois.

Question 3 - What do you do to prepare for the upcoming season?
I do winter track and workout at Rebound Sports Academy to enhance my speed and explosiveness.
Question 4 - We know your an accomplished football player as well do you have a preference as to which one you want to do in college?
I like both sports. I don't have a preference to which sport I would rather do, but I will choose the sport that would make me most successful in my future. It would be really great if I could do both.
Question 5 - Are there any school you are interested in competing for and what sports?
I have had email contact with Tulsa, Navy, North Carolina, and UCLA but since I'm a junior, I can't be recruited for track. For football I have enjoyed attending K-State and Oklahoma football camps.
Question 6 - Do you feel any pressure to repeat as state champion or reach certain goals?Q
I sometimes do, because it's a new season each year and you never know what kind of competition you will get. I also feel pressured to reach certain goals because I set the bar pretty high for 100m time as a Freshman and ideally you want to cut your time down, which I have been doing so far, but it will take a lot of work to cut it down even more.
Question 7 - To this point in your young career what accomplishment has been the most meaningful?
Winning state in the 100, 200, and getting 2nd in long jump because not many freshman in high school even make it to the state track meet, and very few come out on top as a state champion. Another big accompishment was getting 3 silver medals and 1 bronze at the AAU Junior Olympics in Houston shortly after my state track meet. That was big because there are so many competitors that do AAU for summer track. Very few come back home with any type of medal and I was fortunate to come back with 4 top 3 medals.

Question 8 - When your not participating in sports how do you like to spend your time?
I like hanging out with my friends, spending time with family but also doing things to get better as an athlete.
Question 9 - What is your favorite tv show?
Guy Code.
Question 10 - If you were given a last meal what would it be?
A bunch of tacos.
Question 11 - What is your favorite subject in school?
A.P U.S. History.
Question 12 - Do you have any pets, if so what are they?
I have 2 cats and 1 dog.

Question 13 - What animal describes you best?

A cheetah because it's a very fast animal.


Progression by Season

100 Meter Dash

  • 2013 Outdoor10.43
  • 2012 Outdoor10.45

200 Meter Dash

  • 2013 Outdoor21.73
  • 2012 Outdoor22.15

60 Meter Dash

  • 2013 Indoor6.94

Long Jump

  • 2013 Outdoor22-11
  • 2012 Outdoor22-9.5

Major Wins

  • 100m @ 2013 2013 Kansas State Track and Field Championships
  • 100m @ 2013 Topeka City Championships
  • 100m @ 2013 Topeka Seaman Relays
  • 100m @ 2012 2012 Kansas State Track and Field Championships
  • 100m @ 2012 Centennial League Meet
  • 100m @ 2012 Seaman Relays
  • 200m @ 2013 AAU Area 15 National Qualifier
  • 200m @ 2013 2013 Kansas State Track and Field Championships
  • 200m @ 2012 2012 Kansas State Track and Field Championships
  • 200m @ 2012 Centennial League Meet
  • 200m @ 2012 Seaman Relays
  • 200m @ 2012 Topeka Relays
  • LJ @ 2013 Topeka City Championships
  • LJ @ 2013 Kansas Relays
  • LJ @ 2012 Kansas Relays