Getting to Know: Kord Ferguson

Kord Ferguson is a 6'6" 225lb football/track athlete at Ottawa High School. Kord was named the 2013 male Gaterade Track & Field athlete of the year, he also finished the season ranked #9 nationally in both the Shot and Disc. Kord was recruited by several Division 1 School with a very nice list of suitors including WSU, KU, K-State, Missouri, Oregon, LSU, Texas, Alabama, and Nebraska. Kord ultimatley has choosen WSU to continue his track career. So here we go with getting to know....

Question 1 - How did you get started competing in track and field?

I went out for Track in 7th grade, competing in both running and field events.

Question 2 - Will you be competing in any indoor meets this season?
Yes, I am getting my schedule ready;  Some of my indoor meets will include competitions at JCCC, KSU, KU, WSU, MU, and MSSU

Question 3 - What are you  doing to prepare for the upcoming season?

I attended a John Powell throwing camp and he continued to talk about repetition. “All the great throwers try to throw 10,000 throws in a year”.  So I throw, and I throw and then I throw some more.

I also spend a lot of time in the weight room.

Question 4 - We know your an accomplished football player as well do you have a preference as to which one you want to do in college?

I really like Football, but I love Track.  I have thought about how much fun it would be to play football in college but I’m excited to continue with Track and Field at Wichita State University next fall. Go Shox

Question 5 - What has the recruiting process been like for you are you being recruited for one sport more than the other?

The recruiting process started at the beginning of my junior year with Football. Following my junior year of track season, I began to be recruited more heavily for Shot and Disc.  I felt very honored to be pursued by many great coaches and programs. After several months, it was a little overwhelming at times, but I felt blessed to have the opportunity to choose where I wanted to be.

Question 6 - Do you feel any pressure to repeat as state champion or reach certain goals?

Absolutely.  I set a very high bar for myself last year. I have expectations and goals for this track season that greatly exceed what I’ve already done and it will be a fun senior year. I’m very fortunate to have great support in my family and community.

Question 7 - To this point in your young career what accomplishment has been the most meaningful?

At this point, there have been several meaningful awards and accomplishments, but I’m most proud of the Gatorade Athlete of the Year award because it is the highest honor an athlete can receive in high school.

Question 8 - When your not participating in sports how do you like to spend your time?

I enjoy being outdoors, riding ATV’s, hunting, and spending time with my family and my girlfriend.

Question 9 - What is your favorite tv show?

The Office

Question 10 - If you were given a last meal what would it be?

A full slab of Famous Dave’s ribs, cheesy potatoes, baked beans with bacon, and Dr. Pepper

Question 11 - What is your favorite subject in school?

I had Econ for a semester this year and I’ve really enjoyed it

Question 12 - Do you have any pets, if so what are they?

Our family has a shit-zu named Hercules

Question 13 - What animal describes you best?

A Grizzly

Kord's Personal Best's

Discus - 199'1"

Shot - 63'5.75"

We would like to thamk Kord for taking the time to do this interview and we hope you enjoy finding a little more out about him and what he does.