Getting to Know Riley Osen

Question 1 - How did you get started competing in track and field?

Well in 7th grade I was a soccer player and I did cross country to stay in shape for soccer and basketball and because my brothers did it for the same reason. I had a lot of success so I decided to do track in middle school and just did it in 8th grade and now I'm here.

Question 2 - Will you be competing in any indoor meets this season?
I'm not sure. If I do I'll run the meet at K-State and that will probably be the only one. I'd like to go to that on though.

Question 3 - What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming season?
I play basketball so really I'm getting in my base work every night after practice.
Question 4 - Are there any school you are interested in competing for?
I really haven't put a ton of thought into it but I would like to go to somewhere big. If I could choose anywhere my top four would be Oregon, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, or Northern Arizona.
Question 5 - Do you feel any pressure to repeat the accomplishments that you met last season or reach certain goals?
I never really think about what I've done because it doesn't really matter what you've done in the past, you can't depend on whats happened prior to the race. I learned that at state cross country this year. I would like to accomplish the same things that I have already but hopefully they will be faster times and maybe a state championship this spring.
Question 6 - To this point in your young career what accomplishment has been the most meaningful?
Well I've gotten second at state twice, last year at track in the 3200 and this year in cross country, and I'd have to say probably second in the 3200 freshman year because I was expecting more at cross country this year so that was a little bit of a let down. Also something really special to me was the team getting second at state in cross country because it wasn't just me it was all of my amazing teammates pulling together all year and all of our hard work paid off.

Question 7 - When your not participating in sports how do you like to spend your time?
All the guys from the cross country team play ultimate frisbee a lot and that's a ton of fun. I really just like hanging out with my teammates and doing stupid stuff with them.
Question 8 - What is your favorite tv show?
I don't have a bunch of time to actually sit down and watch tv but when I do I like to watch Ridiculousness an Fantasy Factory.
Question 9 - If you were given a last meal what would it be?
It would have to be my normal Pre race meal: two pieces of dry toast because I would die from running a race so fast. But my favorite food is either a steak and baked potato or cold pizza.
Question 10 - What is your favorite subject in school?
I like most of my subjects math, biology, Spanish, and world history are all pretty easy and fun.

Question 11 - Do you have any pets, if so what are they?
I have four: two cats Gracie and Oreo, a dog named Lola, and a chinchilla named Furby.

Question 12 - What animal describes you best?

I'd say a gazelle because it's not extremely fast but it can still run pretty fast for a long time. Like me I don't have great foot speed but I can run pretty fast for distance events.

Progression by Season

1,600 Meter Run

  • 2013 Outdoor4:29.03

3,000 Meter Run

  • 2013 Indoor9:34.11

3,200 Meter Run

  • 2013 Outdoor9:49.15

5,000 Meter Run

  • 2013 CC15:33.75
  • 2012 CC15:52.59

800 Meter Run

  • 2013 Outdoor2:10.82

One Mile Run

  • 2013 Indoor4:52.62

Major Wins

  • 3200m @ 2013 ACTVL Division III League Meeet
  • 3200m @ 2013 Goddard Invitational
  • 3200m @ 2013 Buhler Invitational
  • 3200m @ 2013 Pre-State Challenge
  • 3200m @ 2013 Valley Center Invitational
  • 3200m @ 2013 Winfield Invitational
  • 2013 AVCTL Championship - 3 and 4
  • 2013 El Dorado Invitational
  • 2013 Winfield Invitational