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Blog 11-Why do I run? Part 2: Experiences & Opportunities Jim Madison Jun 23, 2020

Running took me to scenery no other activity I dedicated myself to ever has......This experience was the first experience I had to solidify that it truly was my goal to be a collegiate runner. The culture, the teamwork, and the atmosphere of that Adams State team showed me how much I wanted to be a part of something like that.

Cailies Blog #10, Why do I run? Jim Madison Jun 16, 2020

I once told my friends, "I could run and train for a whole year just to experience that feeling, even if it was just once or twice a year!" It was fun to feel like that after a time trial. I felt like I was successful even though there was no one else involved in the race, no medals to be won, and no crowd to impress.

Disappointed? Deal with it Jim Madison Jun 2, 2020

Why was I entitled to think I should be the one to make the national championships? Why couldn't I be proud that I had put my very best effort out on the day, even if it hadn't ended just how I wanted?