Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Relay Additions and Substitutions - Deadline Noon, Saturday, May 20th

  • Click on Meet Registration link (upper right)
  • Click on your team's name
  • Make your changes to relays
  • Click Done button
  • Go back and verify all entries

Editing Relay Instructions:

When editing your relay entries; If you are attempting to register more athletes to your relay team than you had previously registered for the district meet (Ex. You registered 7 athletes for the district meet but now want to list 8 athletes for the sectional), you must adjust the "Athletes on Relay" field. To do so, click on the "Athletes on Relay" drop down listed just above your relay's seed time and select the correct number of athletes that will be listed:
Once done, you will now be permitted to add additional athletes by checking the box next to their name on the right hand side. Click save once your relay team is set.
** If your entry edits will not increase the total number of athletes on the relay team, no action is required. For example, if you are simply removing one athlete and adding another, you will not be required to edit the "Athletes on Relay" field.