Jim Madison

Blog 11-Why do I run? Part 2: Experiences & Opportunities Jim Madison Jun 23, 2020

Running took me to scenery no other activity I dedicated myself to ever has......This experience was the first experience I had to solidify that it truly was my goal to be a collegiate runner. The culture, the teamwork, and the atmosphere of that Adams State team showed me how much I wanted to be a part of something like that.

Cailies Blog #10, Why do I run? Jim Madison Jun 16, 2020

I once told my friends, "I could run and train for a whole year just to experience that feeling, even if it was just once or twice a year!" It was fun to feel like that after a time trial. I felt like I was successful even though there was no one else involved in the race, no medals to be won, and no crowd to impress.