Who is the top athlete the past decade?

What Is This?

This is the final bracket competition for Kansas Milesplit Track Madness. We will crown the top track and field athlete over the past decade as voted on by the fans. We have taken the winners of the previous five individual brackets (both boys and girls) and picked four at-large athletes. At-large athletes were selected based on who the top vote-getters overall were that didn't win their individual bracket.

The Setup

We've taken the five winners, boys and girls, and two more boys and two more girls and set up a bracket. Girls on one side, boys on the other, placed them in a bracket of head-to-head matchups where your poll votes on the next page will determine who advances.


The athletes in this bracket were chosen by you the fans, the five winners from each of the disciplines and we selected four more based on responses and votes from the fans, then seeded them as best as possible by separating them within the bracket.

How This Works

Athletes are seeded 1 through 8 based on votes and responses. After each round, the athlete with the most votes in their matchup will advance to the next round. Voting will end at 2 p.m. CT for each round. You may vote on Ks.MileSplit.com. Be sure to spread the word to advance your favorites into the next round!


Round 2: July 19-22
Round 3: July 23-25
Final Round: July 26-28

Click through the pages below to vote!