10 Best Kansas Track and Field Records in All Events

What are the best high school state track and field records in Kansas across all events? If you think you know, you're in for some big surprises! Starting today, we are going to count down the top 10 all-time state records, including all events, for both boys and girls.  Using the IAAF Scoring Tables, each record will be assigned the point value for that event. The records will then be ranked based on those point values. See the records to be ranked here: Kansas High School State Track & Field Records

The IAAF Scoring Tables are the internationally-recognized and approved standard for ranking performances across events, and are the same tables used to score multi-events such as the decathlon and heptathlon. Performances in different events but with the same point value are equivalent to each other.

For example, for boys, a 4:29.89 mile has a point value of 739 points. Other events with the same 739 points are 2:00.90 for 800m, 11.52 for 100m, 45.04 for the 4 x 100m relay, 5'10 1/2" for the high jump and 44'6 1/4" for the shotput (16lb shot).

For girls, events with a value of 739 points are a 5:28.31 mile, a 2:26.50 800m, a 13.37 100m, , a 1:03.03 400m, a 54.44 4 x 100m relay, a 4'11 1/2" high jump, and 33'7" shot put (4kg shot).

Each of those performances are equivalent quality for that event. Any performance in one of those events with a score of, say, 803 points are better performances. For example, for girls a 2:21.96 800m is worth 803 points, so that 2:21.96 800m is a better performance than a 13.37 100m or a 4'11 ½" high jump that are both worth only 739 points.

Only state meet events are ranked, with the exception of the 4 x 800m relay for which the IAAF Scoring Tables don't provide values. For the throws, only marks using international-standard implements (such as 16 pound shot for boys and 4 kg shot for girls) can be ranked. Only wind-legal performances in sprints and jumps are ranked. Finally, there are no point values for the 300m hurdles, so marks for the 400m hurdles are used instead.

So, let's dive in, starting with the No. 10 all-time records for boys and girls!  Check-in tomorrow to see who's No. 9!