Ranking the Records Countdown - #4

We continue our Ranking the Records countdown across all events using the IAAF Scoring Tables with the #4 performances. Click here for a full explanation of how the rankings were determined.  See a list of #6-10 here.

Ok...I promised everyone there would be some stunning surprises.

Today's boys #4 is one. 

When this project started, I would've bet my house, both kids, and my dog that this performance was #1. 

Then I would've doubled down that it was in the top three. 

Had I done so, well, I'd be homeless, childless, and dogless.

But it also goes to show just how incredibly deep the talent goes in this little ol' state, and how rich the track and field tradition is.

When a performance like this is #4, well, you're someplace pretty special.

Read on to learn about about titans of the sport that are links in the unbroken chain of the rich history of Kansas high school track and field, the same chain of which today's athletes are also a part.