From My View: The Race for the 3A Boys State Title

Kansas MileSplit reporter Pat Melgares joined the throngs of spectators at the class 3A/5A/6A Kansas State Cross Country Championships who ran from point to point watching each race unfold.

Here, we'll take a look at how the race for the class 3A boys individual state title shaped up, through Pat's camera lens.

Lead Pack: 3/4 mile into the race, Kingman's Teagan Flanagan (left) and Girard's Cormick Logue set the pace, with Riverton's Jp Rutledge (middle, No. 1358) and Galena's Matthew Oglesby keeping pace.

Halfway point: Just past 1 1/2 miles, on the lower part of the course, Rutledge and Oglesby are stride-for-stride, with Kingman's Flanagan trying to stay with the leaders. The chase pack is about 60 meters back.

Two mile mark: It's still a three-man battle, though Oglesby and Rutledge have the upperhand on Flanagan.

One-Half Mile to the Finish: Oglesby makes a break from Rutledge past the King's Hill Bridge and builds a 10-15 meter lead by the top of the uphill. Flanagan has lost contact with the duo.

400 meters to the finish: Oglesby is stretching his lead on the Jim Ryun Skyline.

Finish Line: Oglesby collapsed after crossing the finish line in a winning time of 15:59.5. Here, he is helped back to his feet by finish line volunteers.