Trials of Miles Kansas City Qualifier Registration Deadline

We are less than a week out from the April 19 entry deadline for the Trials of Miles Kansas City Qualifier high school races. Some of you have filled out the Google doc that Trials of Miles set up to assess interest/field sizes but still need to register for the race.  Registration info is below, as are qualifying standards and links to additional information.  Also linked below is the tentative schedule (including live stream info), and covid protocol information.

The Kansas City Qualifier is Saturday, May 1 at the University of St. Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas.  The meet will be live streamed on the Citius Mag YouTube channel and hosted by 3:52 miler Kyle Merber and Citius Mag podcaster Chris Chavez.

The pro race fields in this meet will provide an incredible opportunity for the high school athletes competing to share the track with some world-class athletes.  Top seeds entered in the 800m, 1500m, 3000m steeplechase, and 5,000m to date are respectively (men/women): 1:44/1:58, 3:37/4:07, 8:13/9:30, and 13:09/15:16.  The top seed in the men's 110H is 13.17, and in the women's 100H is 12.37.  In short, it will be an amazing night of elite track in which high school competitors can share.


1) To register for the Kansas City Qualifier, click here (May need to scroll down some for the registration fields)

2) Type in HIGHTRIALS21 into the password box.

3) Select event

4) Fill in the information box with top time posted this season and any other relevant information for seeding purposes.  You can update times using the email address at the bottom of this article.

Qualifying standards and field sizes for the high school races
(Note: Due to lack of competitive opportunities in the last year, equivalents from other events will be considered where appropriate - please contact me for further details)

Boys - 4:30
Girls - 5:20
Field Size: 32 fastest under the standard (two heats of 16)

2,000m Steeplechase
Boys - 4:30 1600 or 9:45 3200
Girls - 5:20 1600 or 11:20 3200
Field Size: 36 fastest under the standards (two heats of 18)

Boys - 16.03 110mH
Girls - 15.95 100mH
Field Size: 32 fastest under the standard (four prelims of 8)


Trials of Miles Kansas City Qualifier Website: Kansas City Qualifier Website

MileSplit Meet Calendar Info:  MileSplit Meet Calendar - Kansas City Qualifier

Tentative Meet Schedule (subject to change):  Kansas City Qualifier Tentative Meet Schedule

Covid Protocol:  Kansas City Qualifier Covid Protocol Information

For additional information, email or