Finals: Who was the best boys sprinter over the last decade

What Is This?
Over the next few weeks Milesplit Kansas will be rolling out brackets broken down by discipline. Fans can vote for who they think is the top athlete in each discipline. In the end, we will be crowning the top track and field athlete in the state of Kansas as selected by the fans. This poll is for the best boys sprinters of the past decade.

The Setup
We've selected 16 boys based on times, state records, state medals and state titles in the 100m, 200m, 400m. We ranked them 1-16, placed them in a bracket of head-to-head matchups where your poll votes will determine who advances.

Athletes included are from the period between 2010 and 2019. This is based solely on times. Sprinters were selected (Which was extremely tough) based on top times in the sprinting events. Their times had to have ranked them in the top 100 for each event. The final cut to 16 was based solely on their combined times, state records and state titles, along with rankings. Pr's listed are taken from our database.

How This Works
Athletes are seeded 1 through 16 based on times and ranking. After each round, the hurdler with the most votes in their matchup will advance to the next round. Voting will end at 2 p.m. CT for each round. You may vote on Be sure to spread the word to advance your favorites into the next round! You will be allowed to vote as often as you like till the final round where its one vote per device.


Round 1: June 12-16
Round 2: June 17-20
Round 3: June 21-23

Final Round: June 24-26

The Matchup

Joe Reagan
School: Topeka Seaman
Year: 2015
I'm sure several are scratching their heads and so was I on this one but it is what it is. Joe was a 6X state sprint qualifier and a 6X state champion and did not get to compete at the state meet as a senior due to injury. A remarkable HS career winning both sprints all three years he qualified for state. Joe went on to run at the Univ. of South Dakota and had HS pr's of 10.43/21.58/49.62


Joe Fisher
School: Valley Center
Year: 2011
Joe, one of two from the class of 2011 on the list was an 8X state qualifier and 6X state medalist in the 100/200. Joe was a 3X state sprint champion and went on to run at Auburn. HS pr's of 10.32/21.17/52.57