We Salute Carson Scholler, Wichita East

name: Carson Scholler

school: Wichita High School East

Q1: I get outside almost every day regardless if its a walk or a run. I try to run a couple miles (3 or 4) every day if possible. I usually go with a friend or my mom. 

Q2: I've been cleaning my room, organizing my closet, watching Netflix, or doing some sort of arts & craft.

Q3: My most memorable moment from xc season was regionals 2017. It was my sophomore year and our girls team wasn't predicted to be very good that year and we ended up getting 2nd at regionals. I just remember the looks of excitement on my teams faces and all of the hugging and crying.

Q4: The funniest thing that happened during my running career would've been back in 7th grade track when I tripped during the medley relay while handing off the baton. The severity of the fall isn't the point. Our relay still won the race though. 

Q5: My biggest competition over the past four years was probably myself. I always wanted to PR but my mentality during an actual race was never where it should've been.

Q6: My greatest accomplishment was being able to stay on varsity 3 years in a row no matter how much I wanted to give up or no matter how much harder everyone else was trying.

Q7: If I could do it all again, I wouldn't be so hard on myself. I would give myself credit for my hard work and motivation. I would try not to overthink every little part of a race. 

Q8: I had some sort of injury every year. Freshman year, the day of the city meet I discovered (after my race) that I had been running on a stress fracture for a few weeks so I wasn't eligible for regionals/state. Sophomore year, while running down a hill at one of the first practices, my ankle popped (I sprained it) and I was out for the first meet. During junior and senior year both, I struggled with pain in my right knee/ IT band. Because of this pain senior year, I wasn't able to do my best in races so I was the alternate for state. 

Q9: I'm gonna miss all of my teammates and my coaches. I'm going to miss all of the positivity and love the team had during practices, meets, or even team dinners. And I'll miss all of the motivation from my coaches. 

Q10: I would say "the faster you run the faster you're done". But also to not get in your head about the tough competition because you're capable of anything. 

Q11: My coach has honestly shaped who my teammates and I are as runners, students, and people in general. He is so motivating and every piece of advice he gave has stuck with all of us no matter if it's a tip with running or something to think about while in a rough state of mind. 

Q12: I'm going to KU to major in publications with an emphasis in graphic design. I'm excited to run around their campus and Rim Rock whenever I get the chance. 

Q13: Thank you to my coach Darham Rogers for never giving up on my skill and getting me through my high school seasons. And thank you to my parents for being there for me 100% on any good or bad day. 

Q14: Summer miles make fall smiles!! (don't wait until practice officially starts to start running-- condition throughout the summer!)

Q15: I love any kind of pasta/soup. Vegetable pho, spaghetti, salmon chowder, Mac&cheese, etc.

Q16: I would be a hamster because they're either super energetic or super lazy and I feel like that describes me pretty well. They're also super friendly and cuddly and I like them a lot.

Q17: Ironman. Hands down.