Kansas Milesplit Update on Coronavirus

While much of the country's collegiate and professional sports leagues have moved on decisions to either suspend or cancel their spring schedules due to concerns about COVID-19, the Kansas High School Activities Association is currently in a holding pattern. 

After talking with one KSHSAA administrator he had this to say, the state's governing body for high school sports has not yet made any announcements that would affect spring sports - namely baseball, golf, tennis, track and field, soccer, swimming and softball. "At this time we are leaving this up to a local district decision"

So, without knowing enough to be more specific, for the state's track and field programs, it's full speed ahead...so far. That would indicate that the first high school competitions could - technically - be held anytime after March 16.

Even so, there are reports of some Kansas schools unilaterally suspending spring sports activities until further notice.
Throughout Kansas, there is a mishmash of policies being enacted. Some schools are moving ahead as scheduled. Some...well, they're just kind of waiting to see what happens.
Kansas MileSplit will help to bring clarity as we learn more about how the onset of COVID-19 will affect the state's track and field season. More information on spring sports may also be available here at KS.milesplit.com or  KSHSAA online, http://www.kshsaa.org.