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Jim at KSMilesplit has been telling me that some people had mentioned the addition of video to my updates, so I decided to try my hand at it. Thankfully I was provided with a good bit of help from my friend Addie Bracy (@addiebracy), who put together all of the video I managed to get- I am not the most tech-savvy person there ever was!

I tried to capture a little bit of what makes up a week for me. Actual scheduling varies, especially since this video was all taken when I was home for Christmas vacation but hopefully it will give a sense of what goes into my training. I have been blessed with a great support system at home, for my mind, body and spirit. I get treatment from Dr. Jabon Moore of the Chiropractic Kinesiology Clinic in North Kansas City. Pick up coffees from various places, my newest favorite being Black Dog Coffee.  I manage to make it to Lawrence, KS a good bit to get runs in on the dirt roads and indoor track when it gets colder and then have been able to meet up with a few Kansas Teammates (Amanda Besler, Allie Marquis, & Zach Zarda) to get some recovery miles and workouts in. This week I had the chance to spend more time with family given our Christmas celebration. My mom and I got lots of quality time traveling to see my grandmother who has been in the hospital recovering from a broken hip. Although this has been a tough thing for all of us, it has been great to see her more often and be able to go out to western KS to visit her and slow down with puzzles and word searches. She had been non-weight bearing for 6 weeks and timing had it that my mom and I were able to be there for some of her first days walking- she has always been an inspiration to me and will continue to demonstrate character traits I yearn to possess.  Training at home alone is much much different than meeting the 25+ teammates to train back in NJ, but it has been refreshing to be home and knowing I had this video to accumulate helped keep me accountable to doing all of the little things. The only portion of training not captured was from the weight room, which is something I slacked on during part of my time at home but is typically a bi-weekly portion of my training.

Enjoy and if you have any more requests or questions feel free to post comments, tweet at me or shoot Jim an email!