Meet Aaron Merritt

Meet Aaron Merritt

In this interview, we dip into the insights of senior Aaron Merritt from Seaman High School. Merritt has solidified his spot as one of the fastest sprinters in the state and of all time state history this outdoor season. He holds an undefeated record so far in the 100m dash, with his latest victory coming at the United Kansas Conference Meet. Read more about the contributing factors to his remarkable success below!

What is one thing you would tell your freshman/sophomore self? 

1. Stop lifting for muscle mass and start training like an athlete. Focus on speed and flexibility. 


How does it feel winning the 100m and finishing as the fastest Kansas in the 100mh at Kansas Relays? 

2. It's a great feeling, it sets my season up for a lot is success. Winning the most competitive meet of the season and finishing first in Kansas in the 110mh at KU alone is a seasonal accomplishment. 


What did you change from last season to see such big improvements?  

3. I changed how I was training in the weight room to workouts that translated to speed. I joined a club team during the off season, and most importantly I changed my mentality, I gained confidence in myself. 


Tell us about your most memorable race you have ever competed in and what you learned from it. 

4. My most memorable race(s) were finals of the 110 and 100 at KU this season. I learned that everything i've done since last season had worked and has finally paid off. 


What is your biggest goal this track season? 

5. Largest goal is three gold medals at state, 100m, 110mh, and 200m. I hope I can achieve more than three with the 4x100m as well.  

Give an insight of your mentality going into races. 

6. Mentally I am not focused on the other competitors, rather I am focused on the clock, because that's what I'm racing against.  

What is the biggest challenge you have faced throughout your high school career?

7. I am l lucky enough to have not had injuries throughout my high school career, but recently I had a minor ankle sprain and it was difficult to see everybody race while I had to stand back and watch while cheering them on.  

What is a unique pre race ritual you have? 

 8. Most meet days I am nervous enough that I can't eat much, if anything. So the morning of I will buy a Body Armor to get something in before I run.