Kansas High School Track & Field and XC Records

State records history should be easily available, a visible goal for young, up and coming athletes who think they have the stuff to take them down and the young at heart who want to stroll down memory lane. So we are very excited to publish this Kansas state records hub, which will have even more history added to it as we continue to finalize our lists. My goal is to have this article linked at the top of the current season's calendar for easy access.

**Just a note we will need your help with this as a community, if you see any missing pieces of information on this list or incorrect listings please contact jmadison719@gmail.com with an email listing the corrections so we can research and update.

Kansas Track and Field/Cross Country History 

I would like to thank these people for having had their hands in some portion in preserving things through the years, in no specific order: Carol Swenson, Rod Murrow, Justin Wrigley, Pat Melgeras, Lance Lenard, Dennis Weber, Brad Nicks, Kellen Adams, JJ Wannamaker.