We Salute James Howey, Bishop Carroll

Name: James Howey

School: Bishop Carroll

Currently, I am shifting from track training to cross country training. The goal right now is just to build a base for next fall, so nothing too strenuous at the moment.

I am shooting a lot of baskets with my younger brother as well as playing some xbox. Usually it is madden, rocket league or nba 2k20.

The first time I broke five minutes was a very memorable moment, at the topeka seaman meet. But I would choose the meet that was two weeks before at north, when I ran a 5:04 and I realized that a sub 5 was very possible. It was also the only race I have ever won, and I'm glad I had the chance.

Freshman year at the el dorado cross country meet, I was taking off my sweats and I heard something. It turns out I heard the starter's gun. My bad.

My biggest competition was definitely just making sure my mind was in the right place going into each race and making sure I was ready to be mentally tough, whether it was a workout or race. Running has definitely helped my mental strength and discipline and I am forever grateful.

My greatest accomplishment would have to be breaking through junior year. I know it sounds cliche, but I hadn't ran a pr for the 5k in over two years, despite having solid workouts and a strong summer. It happened at the Baldwin cross country meet where I ran an 18:49. Nothing spectacular, but it was something to build off. Over the winter, I would say I really started to put in work for the first time and ran a pr in each event on the track.

If I could go back and change something, it would be to avoid being complacent. This happened before sophomore year and soon enough, the year was over and I only had two years left. Fortunately, I had time left and was able to start working and believing.

This cross country season was tough. I was sick multiple times in September, and ended up getting my blood drawn. I had a mildly low thyroid but it had gotten worse. I was able to receive medication for it to get it back to normal. At first I was impatient, and was very frustrated after my performance at our race before the league meet. I wanted to be done. This was a tough time, but I was able to stay healthy the next two weeks and ran a 48 second lifetime pr and was an alternate for our state team. I think that this season was a blessing in disguise and will help me for a long time in the future.

I will definitely miss the people on my high school team, my teammates, coaches and competitors from other schools.

Don't have any regrets. Race your hardest and don't hold back. Cherish every moment.

I wouldn't be anywhere near the person or runner I am today without Coach Swords. The team would just be a bunch of scrubs without him, at least us boys. He always has given his all for us, and I wish I could've given my all in every practice and not taken any moment for granted. The lessons I have learned from Coach Swords can't be learned through the classroom and I can only be grateful for what I learned in my time running cross country and track. From the class of 2020 and everyone from this years track and cross country teams, Thank You for everything you have done for the team. For instilling in me a discipline and greater sense of virtue, Thank You Coach Swords. Also, thank you to all the assistant coaches as well. We wouldn't be as great of a team without you.

For college, I am attending Cowley community college. I am going to run track and cross country, and plan on majoring in accounting.

I owe a great deal of thanks to my parents, family, coaches, teammates, and all the teachers who taught me in high school.

I think I've said everything I want to. My xbox gamertag by the way is shockedmedal798 if you want to challenge me in madden 20 or rocket league.

Anything with good dessert or fruit. Italian is great though.

I would have to be a beaver, dedicated to being the best I can at the task at hand.

If I was a superhero, I would be Batman because he doesn't have superpowers and has to use his strength and smarts instead of having an ability to shoot a web or run at the speed of light.