We Salute Matti Price, Riverton High School

Hello, I'm Matti Price I am a senior from Riverton High school! Here are my replies to the Q&A in order as is on the website. I typed this up pretty quickly so I'm not sure how accurate the grammar and punctuation is! Thanks for doing this, it was nice to go back and think about all the great memories. 

Right now training is looking very mild, if weather is nice I'll go outside and try to do some running. Since the weather has been dreary lately I haven't gotten the chance. I still continue to fuel my body properly by eating the right things. As a runner you can never forget you abs, so every night I try to do some sort of ab circuit! At the moment I'm just trying to stay positive and hopeful at the loss of our season! 


I've been reading tons of articles (not just about COVID-19) but about different types of things that I can be doing as a runner to stay active and positive. I highly suggest coloring, or bullet journaling (got to keep practicing those fine motor skills) it's very soothing and keeps your mind afloat. 

My most memorable race was last year at state when I won the 100m dash. I went into that meet feeling super good about the 200m and 400m. But because of all the rain and delays the 100m was my first event of the weekend, I was beyond nervous but super eager to finally run. The race was super close and when we crossed I didn't know if I had been the one who crossed first or not, but I looked up at the screen and saw my name pop up first and tears filled my eyes. I would've never in a million years thought I was capable of getting that title, but it allowed me to stop doubting myself and my ability!

One of the funniest things that happened in my career, was last season we decided to put together a 4x1! Our girls team had 3 girl runners and about 4 girls in field events... So we pulled one of the girl throwers and put her on our 4x1 just so we could get the chance to compete with it! The very first time we competed with it I did 2 somersaults down the track (still got the handoff), and the next handoff didn't get the baton between the triangles. Needless to say that 4x1 was doomed from the beginning and got disqualified every single meet. 

Well me and Dhakiya Blake (sophomore from Leavenworth) went back and forth all season with the top 400m time in the state. That girl is a phenomenal athlete all around, she's got a great personality and she's one of the sweetest girls I've ever met! I was so fortunate to get to be on a team with her in New Mexico for The Great Southwest! She's going to do big things!! 

My greatest accomplishments were my 100m & 400m state titles! It's the most rewarding and indescribable feeling to be standing on top of that podium and hearing "AND YOUR GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION IS MATTI PRICE. " I know a lot of other seniors, including myself, would love to of had that one more time. 

This may sound cliche, but I wouldn't change a single thing. My running career was phenomenal, I had many highs and definitely some lows but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I was blessed with an amazing Coach who challenged me (huge shoutout to Blake Arehart) and teammates that made the awful tempo days bearable! 

My most difficult obstacle I had to overcome was myself. I was very fortunate to not endure any injuries during my time, but I did have some major anxiety. The confidence I had in myself was little to none, even after I had the state leading time! It takes lots of practicing (I wouldn't think you'd have to practice that) and positivity! 

I will miss so many things about high school track including my coach, my teammates and the bonds we have created. But I will really miss running down the homestretch of Cessna stadium with thousands of people who don't even know who I am cheering me in! I've made so many life long friends just at that meet. 

The advice I would give underclassmen would be to do all the extra off-season things! I trained off-season since State ended last May with a few small breaks in between. Some may say it was a waste now since the season is cancelled, but I've learned a lot about myself! I've learned what truly has helped me succeed and what hasn't really worked for me! Learn your weaknesses! 

My coach has done so much for me in just 2 years, I really don't know how to put it into words really. Whether it was during season, off-season, indoor season (without actually coaching me) etc. he was always finding ways to help make me a better athlete. He cares about each and every athlete on the team, not just the super successful ones, or the fastest ones, but the ones that came out just to try something new. It hurts knowing I didn't get to have my last season with him as my coach. He not only developed me into a sprinter but also into a better person and I am very blessed to have had him as my coach! 

My plans for college include track and field. I am very blessed to have signed to Pittsburg State University to continue my career as a track and field athlete with an amazing program. I have no idea what I will be majoring in, I will most likely go in as "undeclared" but I am leaning towards the medical field. 

Of course I would like to say Thank You to my parents. They not only have payed lots of money for me to be able to do what I love, but they have traveled with me and spent a lot of time sitting in 80°+, below 30°, snow, rain -all the things you could possibly imagine. They loved and supported me when I've been at the top and when I've been at the bottom! I also wanted to thank my community. Track and field may mean absolutely nothing to some people. I know there are tons of people in my community that don't care about it at all, but they care about me. The people in my community supported me in the hallways at school, in the classrooms, at church, even through Facebook because they cared about me and my success! For that, I am extremely grateful! 

My favorite meal of all time would have to be sushi, it's the best food EVER! But, my favorite meal during track season would have to be brussel prouts, a sweet potato (with nothing on it) and grilled chicken. 

If I could be any animal it would have to be (I know it's not considered an animal) but I would be a butterfly. 1) because I took a spirit animal test and that's what it game me. 2) I love butterflies, my grandma always calls me a "social butterfly" because I love meeting new people! 3) who wouldn't want to fly? 

My favorite superhero HAS to be Iron man...RIP. I choose him because he's humerus and puts others before himself