How to Upload Live Results!

MileSplit offers live results hosting FREE for all meets!

For Hytek Meet Manager...

Hytek Meet Manager has long offered live results as a part of their pro software package. However, it has traditionally only been reserved for use by professional timers and only for the biggest meets. Why? Well partially because it required some technical knowledge and resources to set up an FTP server. "An FT-what?" you ask! Our point exactly.

Well now we want to make that easier so that any meet (with an internet connection at the event) can easily offer live results.

Don't worry, even if it looks intimidating at first... we've made it relatively painless now. Just follow these instructions...

  1. Login to your meet's administration page on MileSplit you'll see a new "Live Results" section with the technical details.
  2. Set a password (6-16 characters) there and then click save at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now fire up your meet in Hytek and go to the "Run" screen.
  4. Click on the "Web" option at the top, which will bring up a new window with the live results settings.
  5. Enter the information provided in our meet manager page: site address (host), user name, password, and working directory.
  6. Click "Test Website Connection" to verify that everything worked.
  7. Click "Upload Event Schedule" to publish the base pages for the meet.
  8. Click the "Upload Default Result Pages" to publish the base pages for each event.
  9. You can click "Upload Heat Sheets or Performances Lists for Rounds Not Done" if you want, which will either upload the heat sheets (if meet is seeded) or upload the entry list (if not yet seeded).
  10. Once the meet is running you can press the F11 key to send updated heat sheets or the F12 key on your keyboard to send the event's results.
  11. A list of all meets that are publishing live is available at and your meet will be on the list. This site is mobile friendly, so you can tell people at the meet to access it. (Hytek's meet pages are, however, not mobile-friendly... but still "kinda" work on mobile... we're working on a solution for this... stay tuned)