Whose Going Where? Updated Athlete Signings List

Get out and see these prospective athletes compete all over the state this Spring before they move onto the next step in their athletic and personal career! Can't make it to a meet? Don't worry! Kansas Milesplit has got you covered. We will have photo, video, and result coverage from meets all over the state! 

Want to see an updated, complete list of college signings for Kansas athletes up to any day? Click here for a live updated list!

Anderson, JacyAndale High SchoolBaker University11/06/18>
Armon, LeviNess City High SchoolWichita State University02/22/19>
Bachman, HaydenMeade High SchoolFort Hays State University11/21/18>
Ballesteros, JuanSt. James AcademyMid America Nazarene02/22/19>
Baum, ReganHolton High SchoolBaker University11/06/18>
Blanka, MarenWamego High SchoolFriends University11/14/18>
Bohnemann, DanielLeavenworth High SchoolCreighton University12/20/18>
Brown, TannerRuppenthal Middle SchoolWichita State University02/22/19>
Burton, Sydney
Abilene High SchoolKansas State UniversityDistance/XC10/11/18>
Bynum, JaylaHutchinson High SchoolIndiana State University02/04/19>
Cochran, Trent
Gardner-Edgerton High SchoolColorado Christian UniversityDistance/XC10/17/18>
Cox, Kate
St. Thomas Aquinas High SchoolCreighton UniversityDistance11/14/18>
Donley, AubryLincoln High SchoolFriends University01/18/19>
Eidman, MayaChase County High SchoolMid America Nazarene02/22/19>
Eilts, CarsonPaola High SchoolPittsburg State University02/19/19>
Everett, MatthewWinfield High SchoolUniversity of Memphis11/14/18>
Faurot, MarshallScott Community High SchoolUniversity of South Dakota11/14/18>
Garcia, SebastianShawnee Mission NorthFort Hays State University02/11/19>
Graham, ZaneClearwater High SchoolFriends University02/07/19>
Hagar, SuzyCaldwell High SchoolFriends University01/16/19>
Hobbs, AlisiaraShawnee Heights High SchoolBellevue University10/12/18>
Huddlestun, MarkSanta Fe Trail High SchoolMid America Nazarene02/22/19>
Hudelson, GrahamDeSoto High SchoolPittsburg State University02/07/19>
Hufker, MitchellShawnee Mission NorthwestMid America Nazarene02/22/19>
Huggans, Camryn
Campus High SchoolUniversity of MinnesotaThrows11/19/18>
Jones, BrodeHiawatha High SchoolTabor College02/22/19>
Kemp, Delaney
Mill Valley High SchoolKansas State UniversityDistance/XC10/08/18>
Kettler, ElizabethHiawatha High SchoolCreighton University10/11/18>
Kulp, BrettRiley County High SchoolWashburn University11/21/18>
Lambert, TimmySmoky Valley High SchoolKansas State University12/24/18>
Lieb, ClaireTrinity Academy - WichitaUniversity of Nebraska - Omaha11/15/18>
Lindenmeyer, CarlyBaldwin High SchoolMid America Nazarene02/22/19>
Little, FaithJackson HeightsFort Hays State University12/20/18>
Lowe, BrianaBlue Valley SouthwestKansas State University02/11/19>
Magnuson, BrittMaize South High SchoolWichita State University02/22/19>
Mannebach, KeetonAndale High SchoolFriends University11/15/18>
Martin, AnnaBlue Valley North High SchoolUniversity of New Orleans11/15/18>
Masters, DestinyBluestemWichita State University11/21/18>
Matson, PatrickWichita Heights High SchoolFriends University11/15/18>
McCue, MiahOsage CityEmporia State University02/22/19>
McDaneld, LydiaMill Valley High SchoolUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC)01/18/19>
Mcintyre, KloieHerington High SchoolCloud County Community College11/19/18>
Mcwashington, JaleesaOlathe Northwest High SchoolUS Naval Academy02/22/19>
Meyers, Natalie
Bishop MiegeUniversity of Sioux FallsSprints/Jumps11/19/18>
Milner, JaredWichita North High SchoolFriends University11/15/18>
Molina, AsherShawnee Mission NorthUniversity of Kansas11/15/18>
Moore, JackSt. James AcademyKansas State University11/13/18>
Mount, LoganClearwater High SchoolFriends University02/07/19>
Munsell, KeetanSalina South High SchoolWashburn UniversityDistance12/21/18>
Musselman, BellaShawnee Mission WestPark University11/14/18>