Get to Know the 2018 3A State Champ Matthew Oglesby

Matthew Oglesby collapsed after winning the 3A State title his senior year in an impressive time of 15:59. Photo by our very own Alycia Jiskra. Check out the full album by Alycia here!

Kansas Milesplit Reporter Alexander Walters takes some time to get to know many runners around the state, and in this article we feature senior Matthew Oglesby out of Galena High School

Before we get started, I'd like you to give me a short bit or paragraph on what is important to you in your life and what you focus on and what you do for a living, including running, and what means the most to you. And then we can get rolling with the rest of the questions!

God and family are the two most important things to me. I focus on lots of things in life. God, Family, and running, of course, but also music, school, chores at home, and I play video games sometimes. With all this stuff on my plate, my parents don't want me getting a job, as they want me to excel in everything and not have to worry about a job too.


We've all seen how this season has gone so far from our own eyes and from other's words, but we want to hear the true story and hear it from you. What has led you to here, from the time you started running, to winning the state 3A title as a senior?


Oh man, I started running in middle school, and let's just say I was not a good distance runner in middle school. I started distance running because my dad had told me he was a decent distance runner when he was in school. So, I told myself I was going to be a better distance runner. Like I said, I was terrible in middle school and I think at times I wanted to quit, but I ended up falling in love with the sport. And with a little hard work and dedication, I started to improve my times. If my dad has taught me one thing it's that running is a mental game. You just have to tell yourself you can. Freshman year is when I started to PR and gain some confidence within the sport. Even at that time when I wasn't winning races, my parents and the entire Galena Community were cheering me on and telling me good job. I told my dad Freshman year that I was going to be a State champ my senior year. (Watch Matthew win the title in the 3A state video hereThroughout my running career, my dad has always told me that he knows I can do it, I just have to believe in myself that I can do it. Here I am senior year, the first Cross Country State Champion of Galena High School.

(Check out Oglesby's freshman to senior year PRs and progressions right here!)


But it can't be assumed that your senior year of cross country is over for you yet. Do you have any big postseason plans against out of state competition?


I'm running Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championship for Coach Ramsey on November 17th. Just a fun national race to end the senior cross country season.


Alright, yeah. Senior year isn't over yet. You still have a senior track season left yet as well. What will your training look like through the winter season before heading into your final HS track season?


After nationals, I'll take a few weeks off and then probably start hitting some long runs and then start incorporating some speed workouts once the season gets closer! I don't know we'll see what Coach Ramsey has me do!

Do you have any plans for after high school, or any ideas of where you might want to run afterwards?


I definitely want to run in college. I don't really want to move away though so unless something catches my eye and makes me want to move away, I probably end up running at Pittsburg State University or Missouri Southern State University.


If you could give advice to younger and prospective runners from all around the state, what would you have to say?


Believe in yourselves guys! Don't cut those workouts short. Every part has a purpose! Lastly, if you take care of your body, it will take care of you!


Your brother runs on the same team as you, and clearly the sport of cross country gives you guys a brotherly connection like no other. What is it like having a younger sibling to run alongside you in races, and what advice would you give to him for his future?


It's an awesome feeling. My brother has been gaining speed just like I did when I was younger. I like to think when people see us they say " oh no it's the Oglesby Brothers". Advice I'd give him, you're the next leader, step up, show the team what it's like to work hard, and make sure to always believe in yourself because that is going to set you up for success. Love you man.

(Check out Matthew's brother's, Ethan Oglesby's, stats here!)


And now for some actually serious questions... What is your favorite course you have ever ran on and why? ... Least favorite?


For sure Rim Rock is my favorite! It's a hard course but it is a beautiful, beautiful course and it's so fun to run! Is it bad I don't have a least favorite course? I just run man!


What is your favorite Disney movie?


Ummmm.. FROZEN. I dig Moana too.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


Shapeshifting for sure!


Favorite motivational quote?


I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13


Favorite song?

Going to have to go with Location- Khalid.


And lastly.... Do you have anything else to say to anyone reading this article?


Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read the article! Have a great rest of the day!

Above: Matthew Oglesby along with his teammate and brother, Ethan Oglesby, in an interview with Kansas Milesplit's Pat Melgares after winning the 3A state title at Rim Rock Farms.