The Winner of the Girls all AVCTL Track Meet Is.....

How would an all AVCTL meet turn out? well since there are four divisions and hundreds of athletes we may never know. UNTIL now while using our virtual meet program we combined the for meets and here is the 2 has team scores.

100 Meter Dash

1Kalli Anderson2019Newton High School11.78 10
2Savannah Simmons2018Newton High School11.97 8
3Andryce Jackson2020Hutchinson High School12.26 6
4Alli Burke2020Valley Center High School12.39 5
5Haley Jacques2019Maize South High School12.45 4
6Eleecya Birney2020Hutchinson High School12.46 3
7Emma Ruddle2020McPherson High School12.51 2
8Macy Omli2018Eisenhower High School12.58 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Savannah Simmons2018Newton High School25.82 10
2Claire Hallmark2019Augusta High School26.44 8
3Taylor Mcglothlin2018Wellington High School26.66 6
4Kasidee Eck2018Andale High School26.67 5
5Carsyn Heinlein2019Buhler High School27.15 4
6Haley Jacques2019Maize South High School27.20 3
7Boston Craig2020Circle High School27.25 2
8Taylor Antonowich2018Newton High School27.50 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Taylor Antonowich2018Newton High School58.89 10
2Aneesa Abdul-hameed2021Derby High School59.91 8
3Eleecya Birney2020Hutchinson High School1:00.69 6
4Kelsie Kelly2019Circle High School1:01.03 5
5Taylor Mcglothlin2018Wellington High School1:01.43 4
6Cassandra Onwugbufor2020Maize High School1:01.84 3
7Emma Malm2021McPherson High School1:02.46 2
8Christina Bruce2018Newton High School1:02.69 1
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800 Meter Run

1Tabetha Deines2018Salina Central High School2:23.35 10
2Megan Keil2018Derby High School2:23.51 8
3Carson Pierce2018Maize High School2:27.13 6
4Kylee Harman2019Clearwater High School2:29.65 5
5Bri Hulse0Winfield High School2:29.67 4
6Hannah Wiebe2019Andover Central High School2:31.11 3
7Erika Landes2018Mulvane High School2:31.43 2
8Josie Russell2020Mulvane High School2:31.71 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Bri Hulse0Winfield High School5:32.26 10
2Aimee Davis2020Clearwater High School5:33.41 8
3Carson Pierce2018Maize High School5:40.26 6
4Destini Eskridge2018Maize South High School5:43.39 5
5Anna Reimer2020Maize High School5:46.77 4
6Hannah Nuest2018Buhler High School5:47.27 3
7Aria Sheldon2020Maize High School5:50.13 2
8Erika Landes2018Mulvane High School5:50.99 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Aimee Davis2020Clearwater High School11:56.59 10
2Destini Eskridge2018Maize South High School12:07.44 8
3Alexa Rios2021Maize South High School12:12.14 6
4Hannah Nuest2018Buhler High School12:19.63 5
5Willour Emma2020Circle High School12:40.54 4
6Grace Garrison2018Clearwater High School12:47.77 3
7Kristen Horyna2018Circle High School12:53.58 2
8Aria Sheldon2020Maize High School12:55.93 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Emma Ruddle2020McPherson High School14.49 10
2Maggie Remsberg2019Newton High School14.75 8
3Abby Smarsh2018Andale High School14.98 6
4Tori McGinnis2019Circle High School15.04 5
5Janae Wren2018Hutchinson High School15.06 4
6Autumn Hanna2018Maize High School15.16 3
7Lidia DiLollo2020Andover High School15.31 2
8Avery Howard2020McPherson High School15.43 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Abby Smarsh2018Andale High School45.82 10
2Maggie Remsberg2019Newton High School46.90 8
3Janae Wren2018Hutchinson High School47.67 6
4Tori McGinnis2019Circle High School48.26 5
5Shelby Cox2020Andale High School48.31 4
6Autumn Hanna2018Maize High School49.21 3
7Morgan Armburst2019Hutchinson High School49.62 2
8Elisa Backes2018Salina Central High School50.11 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Newton High School48.21 10
2Andale High School50.12 8
3Hutchinson High School50.33 6
4McPherson High School50.73 5
5Augusta High School51.33 4
6Maize High School51.50 3
7Andover Central High School51.96 2
8Wellington High School52.06 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Andale High School4:03.59 10
2Newton High School4:04.28 8
3Hutchinson High School4:08.45 6
4Salina Central High School4:10.23 5
5Maize High School4:14.13 4
6Circle High School4:17.45 3
7Andover Central High School4:17.63 2
8Clearwater High School4:20.82 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Salina Central High School10:29.33 10
2Newton High School10:36.11 8
3Mulvane High School10:36.21 6
4Maize South High School10:39.63 5
5Andover High School10:40.48 4
6Buhler High School10:43.50 3
7Salina South High School10:47.77 2
8Circle High School10:51.90 1
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High Jump

1Ashton Risser2018Eisenhower High School5-2 9
1Payton Ryan2021Eisenhower High School5-2 9
3Grace Jacobs2020Circle High School5-1 5.5
3Kayli Duncan2020Circle High School5-1 5.5
5Andrea Sweat2020McPherson High School4-11 2
5Kenzie Goering2018McPherson High School4-11 2
5Makenzie Terry2020Augusta High School4-11 2
5Nataleigh Cantu2019Augusta High School4-11 2
5Peyton Johnson2020McPherson High School4-11 2
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Long Jump

1Elle Barret2018McPherson High School17-7.75 10
2Maggie Remsberg2019Newton High School17-4.25 8
3Ryleigh Jackson2018Eisenhower High School17-3.5 6
4Kinsley Ochsner2019Andover Central High School17-3 5
5Cassandra Onwugbufor2020Maize High School17-1.5 4
6Ally Harris2021Andover Central High School16-7 3
7Madison Lies2019Andale High School16-6.5 2
8Laynee Schroeder2020McPherson High School16-6 1
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Triple Jump

1Elle Barret2018McPherson High School38-11.25 10
2Kinsley Ochsner2019Andover Central High School36-10 8
3Taylor Mcglothlin2018Wellington High School36-9 6
4Carter McFadden2019Hutchinson High School35-10.75 5
5Madison Lies2019Andale High School35-10.5 4
6Savannah Garcia2021Newton High School35-10 3
7Autumn Allen2020McPherson High School35-2 2
8Kenzie Goering2018McPherson High School34-11.75 1
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Pole Vault

1Jayden Cates2020Andale High School10-9 10
2Ryleigh Jackson2018Eisenhower High School10-3 8
3Becca Bailey2019Maize High School10-0 4
3Georgia Bell2019Salina South High School10-0 4
3Lillian Diaz2021Maize High School10-0 4
3Phoebe Helton2019Salina Central High School10-0 4
3Victoria Maxton2020Salina South High School10-0 4
8Jaden Eck2019Andale High School9-9 0.5
8Lauren Dodson2019Andale High School9-9 0.5
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1Katy Commons2018Andale High School132-9.5 10
2Katelyn Fairchild2021Andale High School129-6 8
3Camryn Huggans2019Campus High School127-10 6
4Halie Brown2018Arkansas City High School127-9 5
5Samantha Marx2021Andale High School126-5.5 4
6Libby Schurle2019Valley Center High School118-3 3
7Taylor Meyer2019Wellington High School117-7 2
8Jayla Bynum2019Hutchinson High School117-0 1
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Shot Put

1Abbee Rhodes2019Augusta High School41-11 10
2Katy Commons2018Andale High School40-3 8
3Jayla Bynum2019Hutchinson High School40-2.75 6
4Kade Hackerott2020Goddard High School39-0 5
5Katelyn Fairchild2021Andale High School37-5 4
6Emily Laham2020Maize High School36-4 3
7Harris Kelsi2020Newton High School35-0.5 2
8Paiton Bruce2019Andale High School34-10.75 1
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1Katelyn Fairchild2021Andale High School127-5.25 10
2Jacy Anderson2019Andale High School125-11 8
3Brooke Mccorkle2019Wellington High School119-10.25 6
4Morgan Geist2018Andale High School115-7.5 5
5Jayla Bynum2019Hutchinson High School114-9 4
6Abbee Rhodes2019Augusta High School112-3 3
7Jeni Laha2018Goddard High School111-9 2
8Anna Stephens2018Mulvane High School110-7 1

And the winner is.......