KU Relays Auto-Qualifier for the Adidas Dream 100 in Boston

Although not widely publicized, the stakes will be even higher than normal this year when the finalists for both the boys and girls 100 settle in to their blocks for the 100m final a little after 12:30pm on Saturday, April 21 at the KU Relays. 


Because the KU Relays 100 is the only automatic qualifying meet in the U.S. for the prestigious Adidas Dream 100, held in conjunction with world-class fields at the Adidas Boost Boston Games May 19-20 at Henry G. Steinbrenner Stadium in Cambridge, MA.  All other competitors in the Adidas Boost Boston Dream 100 will be by invitation only.  Only the KU Relays winners will automatically punch their ticket to a lane in what will arguably be the best national-class high school 100m to be assembled in America this year.

This is nothing new.  Last year, the KU Relays served as the only auto-qualifier for the Adidas Boost Boston Dream Mile.  Girls KU Relays 1600 winner Cailie Logue finished 4th in Boston with a sterling 4:42.94.  Boys KU 1600 winner Kyler True finish 8th in 4:10.72.

The girls final is scheduled for 12:39pm Saturday.  The boys final is scheduled for 12:42pm Saturday.

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For more information about the Adidas Boost Boston Dream 100 and Dream Mile, visit Adidas Boost Boston Dream 100 and Dream Mile