Molly Born's 11 Insights As She Rehabilitates From A Foot Injury

Week 1

Molly Born is a senior for Shawnee Mission Northwest. Entering the cross country season, she had the sixth-fastest time in the nation, which came last year at the NXN Heartland Region, which she won. She's ranked No. 12 in MileSplit USA's Flo50 girls poll of the top 25 athletes in cross country nationally. Unfortunately, Born suffered an injury during her spring track season, and it's kept her out of preseason training. She has agreed to write a weekly blog on her injury, recovery, and progress throughout the season.

By Molly Born l l Week One


I experienced a navicular stress fracture -- in my right foot -- midway through my junior year track season. Although it seemed like the end of the world then, what it's taught me is that it's made me a stronger person. Because of the injury, I have learned so many valuable lessons. Here are eleven of my favorite:

When people ask you what happened to your foot (and don't worry, they will), telling them some crazy story is a lot more fun than saying, "Oh, I just ran too much."

You pick up some major speed on the knee scooter. Avoid extremely large hills.


Wichita State Cessna Stadium is NOT handicap friendly -- but even that didn't stop me from seeing my team compete. Sko Cougs!!

Don't break your right foot, because you won't be able to drive yourself around anymore and your parents will have to. Thanks mom and dad.

The orthopedic surgeon gets annoyed with you when you ask him every follow up visit when you can run again. Sorry, Dr. McCullough.


Simply put, aqua jogging is THE worst.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It's not like my bone just cracked out of nowhere one day. There were many warning signs which I chose to ignore.

Patience is key in recovering. You have to go through the worst times to get to the best ones.

This injury shed light on my incredible support system which has always been there; it just took a stress fracture for me to be able to see them in full light. My parents, coaches, and teammates have all been there for me during the highs and especially the lows of this recovery process.

Any runner that pushes themselves and strives to get better will most likely experience an injury at some point; it's just part of being dedicated and passionate about what you do.

Most importantly, I've learned how much running means to me. This injury has reignited my love of this sport: I miss running every. Damn. Day. And I have never dreamt bigger than I do right now


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