Meet Information

10:00 am -- 6A Girls
10:35 am -- 5A Boys
11:10 am -- 3A Girls
11:45 am -- 6A Boys
12:20 pm -- 5A Girls
12:55 pm 3A Boys

Hosted by
Lawrence-Free State HS

Ticket Prices
K-12: $7.00
Adult: $9.00
Parking Fee: No Charge

Awards Schedule
6A Girls 12:30
6A Boys 12:45
5A Boys 1:05
5A Girls 1:20
3A Girls 1:35
3A Boys 1:50

The top twenty individuals and the top three teams all receive awards.

Rim Rock Rules
1. Swimming is not allowed in the ponds.
2. Please have your athletes remind fans to leave bicycles, footballs, frisbees, and dogs at home. They
can cause difficulties for runners and spectators.
3. Practice on the course is:
a. Not allowed without permission except at designated times to preview the course.
b. Possible if the University of Kansas has been contacted and has approved the request.
c. Not permitted if school coach is not present with the athletes.
d. Not permitted if weather conditions could cause injury to an athlete or damage to the course.
4. Please put trash in barrels.
5. Please be most considerate of the parking areas.
6. Please use the gates provided to pass from one area to the others. DO NOT CLIMB FENCES OR ROCKS.

Course Info
The course is open for inspection
Friday, October 27th from 12:00-5:30 p.m.
Please park in bus parking only on Friday.