EKL vs GWAC vs WAC, vs Sunflower Meet....Who Wins Girl Meet!

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Who wins a league meet with the 4 power house , big school, leagues in the state. Well we can only imagine so here use your imagination.

100 Meter Dash

1Aarika Lister2018Leavenworth High School12.10 10
2Addie Herzberg2018Wichita East High School12.25 8
3Locora Bryant2018Great Bend High School12.29 6
4Isabella Hohl2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School12.30 5
5Jada Davis2019Blue Valley West High School12.38 4
6Clarice Nichols2020Wichita Heights High School12.44 3
7LaJada Owens2020Wichita West High School12.53 2
8Kendra Wait2021Gardner-Edgerton High School12.56 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Christal Mosley2018Wichita Southeast High School23.80 10
2Aarika Lister2018Leavenworth High School24.97 8
3Jada Davis2019Blue Valley West High School24.99 6
4Emily Ervin2021Blue Valley Southwest25.28 5
5Asjah Harris2020Lawrence High School25.34 4
6Addie Herzberg2018Wichita East High School25.50 3
7Locora Bryant2018Great Bend High School25.67 2
8Isabella Hohl2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School25.73 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Wynter Ramos2022Leavenworth High School58.70 10
2Evann Seratte2019Lawrence High School58.84 8
3Jasmine Patterson2021Shawnee Mission West59.17 6
4Christal Mosley2018Wichita Southeast High School59.71 5
5Hannah Turner2019Blue Valley Southwest59.72 4
6Kiley Moorehouse2021Gardner-Edgerton High School1:00.26 3
7Fallon Russell2019Bishop Miege1:00.42 2
8Locora Bryant2018Great Bend High School1:00.54 1
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800 Meter Run

1Katie Moore2020St. James Academy2:13.58 10
2Sophie Scott2018Blue Valley North High School2:19.22 8
3Eleanor Hlobik2020Shawnee Mission East High School2:19.24 6
4Molly Born2018Shawnee Mission Northwest2:19.52 5
5Helmi Vuorimaa2018Olathe South High School2:20.04 4
6Molly Haymaker2020Mill Valley High School2:20.49 3
7Delaney Kemp2019Mill Valley High School2:20.92 2
8Hannah Stewart2019Lawrence High School2:21.04 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Sophie Scott2018Blue Valley North High School4:59.12 10
2Riley Beach2021Blue Valley Northwest High School5:02.22 8
3Sarah Murrow2020St. James Academy5:06.01 6
4Delaney Kemp2019Mill Valley High School5:09.45 5
5Claire Fuhlhage2018Olathe North High School5:12.61 4
6Jenna Mullen2021Olathe West5:20.45 3
7Hannah Rodina2018Olathe North High School5:21.71 2
8Ingrid Worth2018Shawnee Mission East High School5:25.49 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Riley Beach2021Blue Valley Northwest High School11:11.14 10
2Lily Strauss2019Blue Valley North High School11:17.24 8
3Sarah Whitaker2020Olathe North High School11:38.92 6
4Morgan Koca2020Mill Valley High School11:42.92 5
5Jenna Mullen2021Olathe West11:48.86 4
6Britton Nelson2018Mill Valley High School11:49.57 3
7Keagan Stiers2020Shawnee Mission North11:52.28 2
8Melody Ochana2021Olathe East High School12:01.98 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Kindel Nordhus2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School15.23 10
2Lauren Heck2021Blue Valley Southwest15.80 8
3Natalie Pfeifer2018Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School15.94 6
4Sariah Sumpter2021Wichita Southeast High School16.06 5
5Kaiya Mckie2020Olathe North High School16.12 4
6Brea Turner2019Olathe North High School16.14 3
7Taylor Savolt2019Garden City High School16.17 2
8Libby Sheets2018Wichita East High School16.19 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Kindel Nordhus2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School45.18 10
2Jakaila Morgan2019St. Thomas Aquinas High School47.19 8
3Taylor Savolt2019Garden City High School47.23 6
4Dani Winslow2020Olathe South High School47.59 5
5Lauren Heck2021Blue Valley Southwest47.96 4
6Evan Zars2018Mill Valley High School47.98 3
7Audrey Phelps2020Dodge City High School48.24 2
8Cameryn Thomas2018Lawrence Free State High School48.46 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Olathe Northwest High School48.22 10
2Leavenworth High School48.60 8
3Olathe South High School48.61 6
4Gardner-Edgerton High School48.95 5
5Shawnee Mission West49.07 3.5
5Wichita Southeast High School49.07 3.5
7Lawrence High School49.09 2
8Olathe North High School49.34 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Lawrence High School4:05.06 10
2St. James Academy4:06.11 8
3Blue Valley Southwest4:07.91 6
4Shawnee Mission West4:09.34 5
5Olathe Northwest High School4:09.79 4
6Olathe South High School4:09.94 3
7St. Thomas Aquinas High School4:11.46 2
8Bishop Carroll Catholic High School4:12.05 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Shawnee Mission East High School9:46.25 10
2Lawrence High School9:51.79 8
3Blue Valley West High School9:52.40 6
4Mill Valley High School9:53.99 5
5Shawnee Mission West10:04.67 4
6St. James Academy10:12.24 3
7Lawrence Free State High School10:13.35 2
8Blue Valley Northwest High School10:22.66 1
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High Jump

1Raegan Linenberger2018Garden City High School5-6 10
2Christal Mosley2018Wichita Southeast High School5-5 8
3Dani Winslow2020Olathe South High School5-4 5
3Maddie Righter2019Olathe Northwest High School5-4 5
3Olivia Barbosa2018Olathe South High School5-4 5
6Carly Hendrickson2019Shawnee Mission East High School5-2 1
6Jaclynn Schroeder2020Great Bend High School5-2 1
6Jessie Stindt2018Shawnee Mission East High School5-2 1
6Katie Moore2020St. James Academy5-2 1
6Mandy Truitt2020Olathe South High School5-2 1
6Sarah Perico2021Bishop Miege5-2 1
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Long Jump

1Jaleesa Mcwashington2019Olathe Northwest High School19-0.5 10
2Taylor Savolt2019Garden City High School18-7.25 8
3Bailey Turner2018Olathe East High School18-2.75 6
4Chidera Okoro2020Dodge City High School18-0.75 4.5
4Maddie Righter2019Olathe Northwest High School18-0.75 4.5
6Natalie Meyers2019Bishop Miege18-0.5 3
7Jessie Stindt2018Shawnee Mission East High School18-0 2
8Blair Sebastian2020Wichita Northwest High School17-9.75 1
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Triple Jump

1Jessie Stindt2018Shawnee Mission East High School39-6 10
2Jaleesa Mcwashington2019Olathe Northwest High School38-10.25 8
3Reygan Brown2018Olathe North High School38-1.25 6
4Taylor Savolt2019Garden City High School36-11.5 5
5Lindsey Heller2019Olathe Northwest High School36-11 4
6Kierra Prim2020Shawnee Mission West36-10.5 3
7Bailey Turner2018Olathe East High School36-9.5 2
8Tori Donnici2019Blue Valley High School36-8.25 1
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Pole Vault

1Abigail Kelly-Salo2018Shawnee Mission Northwest12-3 10
2Josie Hickerson2019Lawrence High School11-3 7
2Kendra Wait2021Gardner-Edgerton High School11-3 7
4Annie Gerber2018Garden City High School10-0 3.5
4Briana Lowe2019Blue Valley Southwest10-0 3.5
4Julia Pettijohn2020Blue Valley High School10-0 3.5
4Taylor Linn2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School10-0 3.5
8Brooke Pflaum2019Hays High School9-6 0.2
8Marissa Hernandez2016Garden City High School9-6 0.2
8Morgan Zogleman2021Bishop Carroll Catholic High School9-6 0.2
8Saleen Wears2020Garden City High School9-6 0.2
8Savana Wilson2019Dodge City High School9-6 0.2
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Shot Put

1Jamila Love2019Wichita East High School39-7 10
2Kauilani Misipeka2020Shawnee Mission North39-6.25 7
2Markita Swanagan2018Leavenworth High School39-6.25 7
4Greta Lies2018Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School37-10.25 5
5Krissy Howard2019Lawrence High School36-11 4
6Hollie Stewart2020Wichita South High School36-10.25 3
7Chisom Ajekwu2019Lawrence High School36-4.25 2
8Ayiana Uhde2019Olathe West35-10.5 1
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1Dana Baker2018Olathe North High School125-6 10
2Jamila Love2019Wichita East High School123-7 8
3Markita Swanagan2018Leavenworth High School123-3 6
4Greta Lies2018Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School117-4 5
5Angelina Butler2020Olathe South High School115-2 4
6Dee Cartwright2018Blue Valley Northwest High School114-5 3
7Evan Zars2018Mill Valley High School113-11 2
8Kennedy Krumm2019Shawnee Mission East High School108-5 1
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1Dana Baker2018Olathe North High School164-2 10
2Baylee Unruh2019Lawrence High School142-4 8
3Lexy Farrington2020Blue Valley North High School130-7 6
4Briana Lowe2019Blue Valley Southwest123-1 5
5Adelle Warford2019Mill Valley High School122-0 4
6Danielle Scaduto2019Shawnee Mission North121-10 3
7Machia Mullens2020Liberal High School119-3 2
8Brenna Davidson2019Gardner-Edgerton High School117-11 1