EKL vs GWAC vs WAC, vs Sunflower Meet....Who Wins Boys Meet!

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Who wins a league meet with the 4 power house , big school, leagues in the state. Well we can only imagine so here use your imagination.

100 Meter Dash

1Ollie McGee2019Wichita Southeast High School10.38 10
2Xavier Sellers2019Wichita West High School10.48 8
3Deron Dudley2019Wichita South High School10.49 6
4Phillip Landrum2018Wichita South High School10.54 5
5Blazer Snell2018Wichita East High School10.76 4
6Dusty Torres2018Liberal High School10.78 3
7Austin Mernagh2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School10.88 2
8Vence Allen2018Blue Valley North High School10.93 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Phillip Landrum2018Wichita South High School21.02 10
2Ollie McGee2019Wichita Southeast High School21.04 8
3Xavier Sellers2019Wichita West High School21.76 6
4Logan Hall2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School21.84 5
5Nicomus Craig2019Wichita South High School22.12 4
6Dusty Torres2018Liberal High School22.20 3
7D'Ron Jacobs2019Wichita East High School22.30 2
8Hayden Goodpaster2018Shawnee Mission Northwest22.32 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Hayden Goodpaster2018Shawnee Mission Northwest48.71 10
2Guy Ramos2019Leavenworth High School49.93 8
3Michael Patterson2018Shawnee Mission West50.14 6
4Phillip Landrum2018Wichita South High School50.15 5
5Julian Lacey2018Olathe Northwest High School50.22 4
6Logan Woodside2021Olathe South High School50.28 3
7Elijah Mosley0Wichita Southeast High School50.48 2
8Dusty Torres2018Liberal High School50.61 1
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800 Meter Run

1Luke Jensen2018Blue Valley West High School1:56.97 10
2Jason Irwin2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School1:57.31 8
3Reece Jones2019St. Thomas Aquinas High School1:58.32 6
4Hunter Wilcox2019Blue Valley High School1:58.34 5
5Brandon Clark2018Olathe North High School1:59.21 4
6Jeremiah Tesfaye2018Olathe South High School2:00.40 3
7Trevor Laube2019Blue Valley West High School2:00.60 2
8Jacob Vermillion2019Olathe East High School2:00.75 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Asher Molina2019Shawnee Mission North4:21.81 10
2Mitch Dervin2018Mill Valley High School4:24.49 8
3Jack Moore2019St. James Academy4:24.50 6
4Joey Guzman2019Olathe North High School4:27.71 5
5Ethan Marshall2019St. Thomas Aquinas High School4:28.19 4
6Daniel Bohnemann2019Leavenworth High School4:28.29 3
7Jason Irwin2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School4:29.23 2
8Ben Harrell2019Shawnee Mission Northwest4:29.36 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Dylan Miller2018Blue Valley Southwest9:40.78 10
2John Matulis2019St. James Academy9:42.51 8
3Ethan Marshall2019St. Thomas Aquinas High School9:43.65 6
4David McCanna2018St. Thomas Aquinas High School9:45.32 5
5Charlie Wallace2018St. James Academy9:47.16 4
6Luke Sabus2018Shawnee Mission Northwest9:50.40 3
7Logan Jiskra2019Shawnee Mission North9:52.58 2
8Trent Cochran2019Gardner-Edgerton High School9:53.46 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Joseph Holthusen2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School14.23 10
2Austin Mullins2018Liberal High School14.76 8
3Jaleel Montgomery2020Wichita West High School14.80 6
4Joseph Porter2019Wichita Heights High School14.96 5
5Adrian Roberts2018Wichita Heights High School15.04 4
6Kody Marvin2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School15.09 3
7Alex Nickell2018Garden City High School15.22 2
8Tyrique Chandler2018Liberal High School15.24 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Emmanuel Okwuone2018Olathe South High School39.01 10
2Joseph Holthusen2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School39.47 8
3Austin Mullins2018Liberal High School39.64 6
4Isaac Diggs2018Shawnee Mission North39.74 5
5Anthony Shields2019Olathe South High School40.61 3.5
5Luc Winkelmolen2018Shawnee Mission Northwest40.61 3.5
7Kentral Porter2018Wichita Heights High School40.79 2
8Tyrique Chandler2018Liberal High School40.97 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Wichita Southeast High School42.14 10
2Wichita West High School42.62 8
3Blue Valley West High School42.88 6
4Olathe South High School43.08 4.5
4Wichita South High School43.08 4.5
6Gardner-Edgerton High School43.15 3
7Blue Valley Northwest High School43.19 2
8Blue Valley North High School43.33 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Gardner-Edgerton High School3:24.19 10
2Blue Valley High School3:24.38 8
3Olathe South High School3:25.40 6
4Blue Valley West High School3:26.07 5
5Blue Valley Southwest3:27.56 4
6Leavenworth High School3:27.76 3
7Shawnee Mission Northwest3:28.08 2
8Garden City High School3:28.22 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Blue Valley Southwest8:12.84 10
2Olathe East High School8:12.85 8
3Shawnee Mission East High School8:14.30 6
4Olathe South High School8:16.33 5
5Gardner-Edgerton High School8:18.71 4
6Blue Valley West High School8:19.60 3
7Mill Valley High School8:19.96 2
8St. Thomas Aquinas High School8:23.65 1
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High Jump

1Jack Durst2018Shawnee Mission West6-6 9
1Marcus Davis2018Olathe North High School6-6 9
3Dayton Williams2020Gardner-Edgerton High School6-2 5
3Jack Albright2020St. James Academy6-2 5
3Michael Pettit2020Lawrence Free State High School6-2 5
6Anthony Shields2019Olathe South High School6-0 0.75
6Austin Mernagh2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School6-0 0.75
6Cameron Morgan2018Wichita East High School6-0 0.75
6Cj Eddy2018St. Thomas Aquinas High School6-0 0.75
6Hezekiah Newman2020Olathe East High School6-0 0.75
6Kye Schmale2019Olathe East High School6-0 0.75
6Myles Nash2020Olathe South High School6-0 0.75
6Thomas Helten2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School6-0 0.75
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Long Jump

1John Fischbach2020Blue Valley Northwest High School22-7.5 10
2Reggie Edwards2018Shawnee Mission West22-2 8
3Chanler Taylor2019Shawnee Mission Northwest21-10.5 6
4Joe Rohleder2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School21-10 4.5
4Ross Ehrsam2020Olathe West21-10 4.5
6Thomas Helten2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School21-9 2.5
6Tyrique Chandler2018Liberal High School21-9 2.5
8Daniel Jackson2020Bishop Miege21-8.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Ethan Nunnery2018Hays High School46-7 10
2Reggie Edwards2018Shawnee Mission West45-3 8
3Chanler Taylor2019Shawnee Mission Northwest45-0.5 6
4Jack Ebright2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School44-4 5
5Jared Springston2019Garden City High School44-2 3.5
5Malik Bauer2019Blue Valley North High School44-2 3.5
7Cameron Key2018Bishop Miege44-1.25 2
8Teven Mckelvey2020Gardner-Edgerton High School44-0.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Aj McCormick2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School14-4 10
2Thomas Turpin2018Garden City High School14-0 8
3Brian Simon2020Bishop Carroll Catholic High School13-6 5
3Jaycob Vargas2018Garden City High School13-6 5
3Seth Mosburg2018Shawnee Mission Northwest13-6 5
6Ethan Hull2019Bishop Carroll Catholic High School13-0 1.5
6Jonathan Sommerfeld2018Shawnee Mission Northwest13-0 1.5
6Malachi George2018Wichita Heights High School13-0 1.5
6Michael Park0Shawnee Mission South13-0 1.5
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Shot Put

1Sam Garrison2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School56-10.75 10
2Nick Lowe2018Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School54-6 8
3Travis Morrison2018Shawnee Mission Northwest53-2 6
4Wade Hull2018Bishop Carroll Catholic High School52-3 5
5Demarcus Elliot2018Garden City High School50-10 4
6Marcus Hicks2019Wichita Northwest High School50-4.75 3
7Josh Carter2019Wichita Northwest High School50-1.25 2
8Cooper Bredehoeft2018Blue Valley Northwest High School49-11.5 1
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1Jacob Schmitz2019Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School165-7 10
2Michael Marinakis2018Olathe Northwest High School165-5 8
3Nick Orr2018Blue Valley North High School160-2 6
4Connor Boyd2019Olathe Northwest High School159-5 5
5Jackson Rogers2018Blue Valley West High School156-11 4
6Ben Trauernicht2019Mill Valley High School152-6 3
7Marcus Hicks2019Wichita Northwest High School151-0 2
8Casey Glann2018Wichita West High School149-2 1
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1Hunter Krom2018Lawrence High School193-7 10
2Harrison King2018Lawrence High School185-10 8
3Jack Roberts2019Shawnee Mission South175-10 6
4Justin Wright2018Blue Valley Southwest174-11 5
5Kane Feldman2018St. James Academy170-7 4
6Joe Placek2020Olathe West169-6 3
7Blake Eaton2018Mill Valley High School167-1 2
8Thomas Stark2019St. James Academy163-0 1