And the Winner is? Who Wins the Boys all AVCTL Track Meet?

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How would an all AVCTL meet turn out? well since there are four divisions and hundreds of athletes we may never know. UNTIL now while using our virtual meet program we combined the for meets and here is the 2 has team scores.

100 Meter Dash

1Jayden Price2018Mulvane High School10.80 10
2Larry Wilson2019Valley Center High School10.83 8
3Ezekiel Seamster2021Hutchinson High School10.84 6
4Migc Aiyanyor2019Derby High School10.85 5
5Parker Mccafferty2018Andover High School10.87 4
6Brandon Yowell2019McPherson High School10.88 3
7Kory Martinez2018Valley Center High School10.90 2
8Jordan Hawkins2019Buhler High School11.02 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Migc Aiyanyor2019Derby High School22.89 10
2Brandon Yowell2019McPherson High School23.01 8
3Quistion Wade2019El Dorado High School23.28 6
4Larry Wilson2019Valley Center High School23.34 5
5David Howell2018Campus High School23.44 4
6Gage Shook2019McPherson High School23.52 3
7Jayden Price2018Mulvane High School23.53 2
8Daniel Atkins2018Salina South High School23.62 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Aj Wilson2019Arkansas City High School49.85 10
2Daniel Atkins2018Salina South High School50.63 8
3Ben Moore2018Hutchinson High School50.75 6
4Jj Carney2018Rose Hill High School50.83 5
5Jt Baker2018Hutchinson High School51.10 4
6Jared McDavitt2021Andover High School51.41 3
7Kwame Parry2018Eisenhower High School51.43 2
8Dalton Rogers2018Campus High School52.28 1
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800 Meter Run

1Cale Carson2018El Dorado High School1:53.41 10
2Ryan Neill2019Buhler High School1:54.95 8
3Avery Stuever2018Circle High School1:58.72 6
4Ezekiel Kemboi2019El Dorado High School1:59.23 5
5Kael Ecord2019Maize High School1:59.43 4
6Ryan Derry2020Circle High School2:00.20 3
7Garrett Mick2018Newton High School2:00.82 2
8Nathan Jones2018Maize High School2:02.77 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Nathan Jones2018Maize High School4:31.93 10
2Kael Ecord2019Maize High School4:33.16 8
3Barrett Houchen2018Maize High School4:35.34 6
4Garrett Mick2018Newton High School4:35.51 5
5Asher Moen2019Andover High School4:37.03 4
6Keetan Munsell2019Salina South High School4:38.13 3
7Britt Magnuson2019Maize South High School4:38.40 2
8Nathaniel Caballero2019Campus High School4:39.43 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Nathan Jones2018Maize High School9:59.01 10
2Keetan Munsell2019Salina South High School10:12.80 8
3Asher Moen2019Andover High School10:19.59 6
4Mathew Maki2018Andover Central High School10:23.76 5
5Noah Cole2020Hutchinson High School10:27.72 4
6Nathan Ragland2019Campus High School10:27.76 3
7Ben Roberts2019Eisenhower High School10:37.23 2
8Craig Labrue2021Winfield High School10:37.72 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Zach Williams2019Valley Center High School14.13 10
2Tayezhan Crough2020Hutchinson High School14.32 8
3Tyson Stites2018McPherson High School14.67 6
4Clay Eckert2018Buhler High School14.81 5
5Jerik Ochoa2019Newton High School15.05 4
6Eric Kop2019Wellington High School15.06 3
7Quinn Turnbull2018Maize High School15.23 2
8Jack Mull2019Winfield High School15.27 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Tayezhan Crough2020Hutchinson High School39.93 10
2Clay Eckert2018Buhler High School40.45 8
3David Howell2018Campus High School41.12 6
4Coban Honey2018Augusta High School41.24 5
5Aren Trost2019McPherson High School41.34 4
6Eric Kop2019Wellington High School41.37 3
7Peyton Cohoon2020Hutchinson High School41.89 2
8Creed Ekerberg2021Newton High School42.60 0.5
8Jack Mull2019Winfield High School42.60 0.5
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Valley Center High School43.01 10
2Mulvane High School43.43 8
3Campus High School43.87 6
4McPherson High School43.89 5
5Maize High School44.30 4
6Andover High School44.31 3
7Rose Hill High School44.37 2
8Eisenhower High School44.44 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Hutchinson High School3:22.65 10
2Campus High School3:26.74 8
3Arkansas City High School3:26.86 6
4Buhler High School3:28.50 5
5Clearwater High School3:29.53 4
6Circle High School3:30.56 3
7Andale High School3:31.15 2
8Andover High School3:33.83 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Circle High School8:26.23 10
2Andover High School8:32.76 8
3Buhler High School8:35.17 6
4Campus High School8:35.32 5
5Maize South High School8:41.54 4
6Derby High School8:41.73 3
7Salina South High School8:41.74 2
8McPherson High School8:46.90 1
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High Jump

1Caleb Grill2019Maize High School6-4 9
1Cole Landers2020Andale High School6-4 9
3Casey Lanoue2018Salina South High School6-2 4.5
3Ceetyn Anderson2019Augusta High School6-2 4.5
3Drayton Weidner2018Maize South High School6-2 4.5
3Zachary Garcia2019Newton High School6-2 4.5
7Cai Calvert2019Salina South High School6-0 0.429
7Coban Honey2018Augusta High School6-0 0.429
7Dylan Sapp2018Rose Hill High School6-0 0.429
7Gibson Fisher2020Buhler High School6-0 0.429
7Mitchell Dresse2020Maize South High School6-0 0.429
7Sam Downey2019Circle High School6-0 0.429
7Tyler Brown2018Derby High School6-0 0.429
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Long Jump

1Federico Harvey2018Campus High School22-4 10
2Zach Williams2019Valley Center High School22-1.5 8
3Jayden Tate2018Winfield High School21-8.25 6
4Cameron Harvey2019Campus High School21-7.75 5
5Kedric Liggins2018Salina Central High School21-0.25 4
6Peyton Henry2020Andover High School20-11 3
7Coban Honey2018Augusta High School20-9.75 2
8Andrew Mohr2018Andale High School20-9 1
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Triple Jump

1Federico Harvey2018Campus High School46-9.5 10
2Trey Jones2018Hutchinson High School45-2.5 8
3Brendan Webb2018Buhler High School44-1.5 6
4Jordan Wilson2018Arkansas City High School43-11 5
5Devin Cape2018McPherson High School43-10.25 4
6Jeff Wake2018Eisenhower High School43-0.5 3
7Sam Thomas2019Andover Central High School42-6 2
8Keishaun Mcdaniels2020Salina Central High School42-4 1
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Pole Vault

1Brayden Meyer2020Andale High School14-10.5 10
2Joseph Spexarth2020Andale High School13-6 7
2Seth Parnell2018Salina South High School13-6 7
4Ty McPhail2021Andale High School13-3 5
5Dalton Marx2019Eisenhower High School13-0 2.5
5Logan Mackey2018Eisenhower High School13-0 2.5
5Toby Bartlett2018Maize High School13-0 2.5
5Tyler Brown2018Derby High School13-0 2.5
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Shot Put

1Brendan Webb2018Buhler High School55-6.5 10
2Bradon Rose2018Buhler High School53-10 8
3Grant Fairchild2018Andale High School53-6.25 6
4Evan Clark2018Derby High School53-5 5
5Damarius Peterson2019Newton High School52-7.25 4
6James Morrow2018Salina Central High School52-7 3
7Mason Fairchild2019Andale High School51-1 2
8Josh Morrow2019Salina Central High School50-0.5 1
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1Matthew Everett2019Winfield High School195-1 10
2Bradon Rose2018Buhler High School172-1 8
3Cooper VenJohn2019Andale High School161-8 6
4Grant Fairchild2018Andale High School161-5 5
5Brendan Webb2018Buhler High School156-5 4
6Quinton Hicks2019Campus High School152-6 3
7Hunter Degarmo2018Hutchinson High School146-2 2
8Devin Marx2019Andale High School145-3 1
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1Bradon Rose2018Buhler High School191-4 10
2Cauy Lindsey2018Eisenhower High School181-8 8
3Cody Stufflebean2020McPherson High School181-4 6
4Isaac Mitchell2019Salina South High School172-10 5
5Devin Marx2019Andale High School166-8 4
6Payton Webb2018Salina South High School164-8 3
7Grant Fairchild2018Andale High School160-4 2
8Markell Hastings2018McPherson High School157-4 1