Milesplit Kansas Continues its countdown of 2020 With #6

In a year that was anything but normal where we had a group of athletes that lost an entire season to a worldwide pandemic and kids that will forever be known as the "covid kids" we had had some very "not" normal articles written throughout the year.

So I looked at the numbers and pulled the top 10 most read articles we had here at Milesplit Kansas and will run them from here till New Year's Eve. I also took a look at what were the top videos viewed from the year and determined what the 10 most viewed, and finally, we put a list of some of the most talked-about things in the Track & Field world according to Kansas and put a little list together from that. So without further ado here is the number 6 most viewed or talked about, we felt from 2020. Videos, articles, or just in conversation.

#6 Most Viewed Article from 2020 ===> No Rim Rock, No Problem

Pat Melgares' top week in review article was supposed to be about rim rock. Well thanks to some coaches who were as fluid as the season they put together a really nice meet.

#6 Viewed Video from 2020 ===> Girls 5k from Showdown n T-Town