Milesplit Ks Countdown of 2020 with Number 8

Countdown to the end 

In a year that was anything but normal where we had a group of athletes that lost an entire season to a worldwide pandemic and kids that will forever be known as the "covid kids" we had had some very "not" normal articles written throughout the year.

So I looked at the numbers and pulled the top 10 most read articles we had here at Milesplit Kansas and will run them from here till New Year's Eve. I also took a look at what were the top videos viewed from the year and determined what the 10 most viewed, and finally, we put a list of some of the most talked-about things in the Track & Field world according to Kansas and put a little list together from that. So without further ado here is the number 10 & 9 most viewed or talked about, we felt from 2020. Videos, articles, or just in conversation.


#8 MOST VIEWED ARTICLE ===> Class of 2020 High School XC Retrospective

Seniors, we know that you've missed out on a lot not getting your final track season, not to mention a lot of other "senior things."