Many Roads lead to Rome

When I was being recruited to college, I was often asked, "Why did you choose to go to Iowa State?" I usually responded promptly, "the coach and the team." I felt as if the coach and the team were the best fit for me of all of the schools that I visited. I fit in best with the team and thought we had similar interests and social activities. I liked the coach and her training program. I thought her training style matched well with the type of training I had done in high school. In addition, I liked the feel of campus.

Now, entering my senior year, naturally many of the original Iowa State team members have graduated, and the summer after my freshman year the coach who recruited me, took a job somewhere else, and Amy Rudolph became my coach.

Even though the leadership and members of the Iowa State team have changed, I am having more fun than I could have imagined, and I'm reaching times I only dreamed of as a freshman in college. I really like working with Coach Amy, and my new teammates are just as fun and caring as the ones I started with my freshman year. I am so thankful for the distance culture at Iowa State University and the relationships I have built with coaches and teammates.

While experiencing three coaching changes in three years, I learned more about training and the coach-athlete relationship. Even though each change took its own adjustment phase, I am so thankful for each of them, and happy to be where I am now, carrying out my current training plan from my current college coach.

Here is the training I did this week. This was the last week in which we kept our mileage up while doing some track workouts. Next week, we will begin a short taper phase to prepare for our time trial coming up at the end of next week.

Monday: 13 miles

AM-9 miles

Post run: Core

PM-4 miles

Post run: Strides, stretching

Tuesday: 10 miles

Warm up-3 miles

2 x 2 miles with 3 minutes recovery

Cool Down- 3 miles

Wednesday: 10 miles

MW long run, nice and easy

Post run: 10 min. core, stretching, yoga, lower lumbar stabilization drills

Thursday: 12 miles

AM-8 miles

Post run: Core

PM-4 miles

Post run: Strides and stretching.

Friday: 10 miles

Warm-up: 3 miles

Rhythm 400m

14 x 400m, 90 seconds recovery

Cool-down: 3 miles

Saturday: 13 miles

13-mile long run

Post run: stretching, in-home gym routine

Sunday: Off Day

In middle school, I was coached by many of my teachers, but my head track & field coach was my math teacher Nate Clevenger. He helped to foster my early love of the sport of track & field.

Throughout high school, I was coached by Matt Logue. This coach-athlete relationship has been different than any other and so special in many ways because my father was also my coach. He was the only coach I who had first-hand knowledge of how much I was resting or where my energy was going. He could see my day-to-day activities and he knew my personality tendencies better than I knew them myself at times, as he had been watching me grow up for 18 years. My father was a distance runner who was also coached by his father, and he knew what it was like to be on both sides of this relationship.

When I signed to Iowa State University, my freshman year I was coached by Andrea Grove-McDonough who now coaches at the University of Toledo Ohio. This picture was taken right before my first college race.