Q & A With Kalli Anderson, Fastest Girl in Kansas

Name- Kalli Anderson

Personal Best- 100-11.76, 200-24.82

Hobbies- Hanging out with friends, laughing

Favorite quote- " I'm always nervous if i wasn't nervous it would be weird i get the same feeling at all the races it's part of the routine and i accept it,It means i'm there and i'm ready." Allyson Felix.

How did i get involved in the sport- 3rd grade, summer aau track & field my parents thought i would like it.

Pre Race Rituals- I try to find my parents in the stands, look up at the sky say a quick prayer i jump up twice back in to the blocks kick my legs out then im locked in loaded.

Favorite Race and Why- 4x1, i love to run with my team.

Goal for upcoming meet- PR and no injuries at Valley Center.

How do i look at being ranked as the top in the state- I look at it as a blessing, i remember when i was little and coach rems would tell me that i could be one of the top athletes in the state and i would just laugh and joke with him and now it's just a surreal moment.

From success in previous years, what do you hope to do this season- I hope to podium at the state meet and get a record.

Do you have a specific motivation- My little brother Caleb, He's been at every meet of mine in and out of state. He looks up to me and even when i fail he's there.

What has been your biggest challenge in the sport- I would say the Injuries, not being able to run put a strain in my heart. Its very hard mentally and physically.

What do you hope to achieve in the future- I hope to run at D1 level, then maybe run professionally.

Do you play other sports- Yes, I play basketball.

How and when did you start training this season- March 6th, 2017

What do you enjoy most about the Newton Team- The friendship, it's fun to laugh while doing something you love. Most of us started at a really young age so we've been growing together.

What team goals does newton have - Girls and Boys to podium and have a well rounded meet.

What do you feel you have learned from coaches, teammates and the a sport - To believe, i believe my coaches have made me better, i believe my teammates believed in me when i didnt, i believe god gave me a gift and if it wasn't for track in field i wouldn't be living up to my full potential.

Have you decided on a college? If so what one and if not what school are you looking at? I havent decided on a college yet but KU, LSU, and Ohio State have been in contact to start the recruiting process.