Washburn Univ. Getting an Upgrade and GOING BIGTIME!!!!!!!!


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TOPEKA, Kan. - At the December 13, 2017 Washburn Board of Regents meeting, the board unanimously approved a proposal for the university to build an Indoor Practice Facility to be built on the Washburn campus designed by Schwerdt Design Group and the DLR Group.
The board approved an estimated $1,370,000 in design costs for the facility which is expected to cost $20,267,000 when the entire scope of the project is completed.
For fund-raising opportunities, please contact Bruce Steinbrock, Assistant Athletic Director for Development at Washburn, at 785-670-1334.

Thoughts from the Ichabod coaching staff
Craig Schurig - Head football coach
"We are excited to get this project started. This indoor facility clearly signifies that Washburn University is committed to competing in the MIAA and Division II athletics at the highest level. The design of this indoor facility will allow all of our sports to recruit, train and develop the best student athletes in the country. When this facility is completed it will be utilized by every Washburn student athlete and bring pride and excitement to the entire Washburn family."
Harley Douglas - Head baseball coach
"This will no doubt be a benefit to the baseball program, but to all of the Ichabod athletic teams. Our team will be able to practice together instead of spread out at different times and different locations when the Kansas weather will not allow us to be outside."
Brenda Holaday - Head softball coach
"We are extremely excited and appreciative of this decision. Knowing that we will have a first-class indoor facility for our athletes is extremely beneficial to our athletic programs. It will also be a valuable asset in the recruiting process."
Cameron Babb - Head track and field/cross country coach
"I can hardly begin to describe how excited I am about our plans for this indoor facility!  A facility like this is something you dream about when thinking of what you need in order to have an elite program.  It will not only benefit our track & field and cross country teams, but will also undoubtedly enhance all of our sports here at Washburn.  Recruiting is a key component of any successful collegiate athletic program, and this facility will help us attract elite athletes across all sport disciplines.  It shows current, former and future student athletes that we are dedicated to the development and success of our young men and women.  I am most excited for our current athletes, who helped get this program off the ground.  They have been doing a fantastic job of putting their head down and working to get better, without concern of what they do or do not have.  This will finally give our athletes a place to be proud of calling home, and allow them to train at a high-level all year, as needed for our long competition seasons. I am beyond grateful to our administration, and Board of Regents members for working so hard on getting this accomplished.  Their comprehensive campaign and vision will make a tremendous impact on Washburn University for years to come"
Davy Phillips - Head soccer coach
"I am super excited that Washburn has decided to move forward with the indoor training facility. In my short time here, it has been evident that WU is committed to investing in the best possible experience for our student-athletes; in the classroom, on the field and on campus. This facility is another great testament of the investment. With the increasing demands of the modern soccer player, the facility will provide a much-needed space for our players to continue their development through year-round functional training. It should also give us an edge in recruiting the very best student-athletes to our amazing campus."
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