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14 days ago Frosh/Soph Results from Manhattan College
@ajpower There have been questions about the accuracy of the results. Waiting for any final upda...
4 months ago scores and mark
@wilsonx3 Send your marks to kbrazeil@milesplit.com
6 months ago Why no split times
@jmtham156 typically, on one man camera operations, there is little room to multitask. For bigge...
8 months ago milesplit seach function
@shoemine There is currently a server issue we are working through with our providers. As that i...
9 months ago Complete Boys Results
@DBilicic Now added. Let me know if anything else was missing. We were working on the stream, s...
9 months ago State championship qualifying standards
I believe girls convert, but boys do not.
10 months ago Ocean Breeze Freedom Games 2016
@mvtrack Races will be uploaded on a 10-minute delay
10 months ago Bishop Loughlin 2015 Boys Mile Pics
@timothyminor They are in the second album, by Tony Morales
11 months ago Updates to profiles
@trackblue Cities are now in. Looking at Frosh. The delay has come from an attempt to associa...
12 months ago National Rankings
As the person who compiles the Speed Rating National Rankings (aka The Other rankings), I feel li...
1 year ago 2015-2016 Armory Indoor Schedule
Both Armory and Ocean Breeze Schedules now up
1 year ago Advertising - Too Much
@KindnessMatters Please take a picture next time you see a video popup ad of that length. That s...
1 year ago MileSplits venues page. Missing in action.
@wmeserve Click the "More" button
1 year ago Harry Lang Invitational 2015
@jbmcdannold Now posted
1 year ago rankings
@CoachClarke Will fix these coach, sorry for the delay.
1 year ago rankings
@PKearns I agree that Brown ran a little fast last year, as it kept popping up. However, when I ...
1 year ago Advertising - Too Much
Hi All, We're well aware of the issue with the ads, and are working to fix it. Apparently, th...
1 year ago 2014 Pentathlon scores not accurate on rankings page or athletes' pages
@Stephen23 If there is a specific meet, yes, but as a whole, it would need some time, especially ...
1 year ago leaderboard accuracy issue
@shoemine One of the issues is that the PSAL rarely lists grades on results, which is where Grad ...
1 year ago video
@bminkin Can you please be more specific to which meet
1 year ago Eddy Games 2015
I believe they are posted at the meet
A safe bet would be Oct 10th
1 year ago Varsity S.I. Champs 2015
@Spmitchell We were waiting on corrections. Can get them in now.
2 years ago Article Comment: 2015 College Signing List
@Buck0995 Yes, this list should be updated at the end of the day
2 years ago Westhill-Ludden Spring Break Invitational 2015
@tgj1023 Thanks, not sure how that happened.
2 years ago Pirate Relays 2015
@vilija It is my understanding those are already posted
2 years ago Pirate Relays 2015
We received the results yesterday afternoon, and have been working on getting them in a postable ...
2 years ago Amityville Dev. Meet 2015
@Divine_Nwalor We can not post what we don't receive. Your best route is to contact the coach, a...
2 years ago Article Comment: Title Watch: Who Are The Top Male Returners for 2016 Indoors?
Thanks. There were a few mistakes in the states program. Will fix.
2 years ago Article Comment: New York's Stars Shine Bright At State Championships
Yikes, it was Uniondale in the 4x200m. My mistake, it does all start to blend when you've been u...
2 years ago Names of all the competitors in advance of meet?
@lb527 Typically comes out Tuesday at noon, but may be delayed to Wednesday. Will be released wi...
2 years ago NYSPHSAA -NY State Champs 2015
@neumaierk We are not allowed. NYSPHSAA sold the rights to Time Warner Cable. TWC does not...
2 years ago NYSPHSAA -NY State Champs 2015
@j1wright After
2 years ago Article Comment: Live From The PSAL City Champs, Section 1 State Qualifier
@tzmorton Entries will be posted at the meet.
2 years ago Section 8 WT Qualifier 2015
@bubba64 Added
2 years ago CHSAA NY/BQ Sectionals 2015
@RBJOHN Added this morning
2 years ago Article Comment: Stanner Games Shock State, National Rankings
We stayed afloat simply because I volunteered my time and spare money to keep it afloat. It has ...
2 years ago Article Comment: Stanner Games Shock State, National Rankings
The answer is quite simple. I was volunteering my time with this site through College. Once I g...
2 years ago Uodates
@kabwalker There are two meets which are currently under construction. One from Section 2, and D...
2 years ago Dendy #2
I have them. Just need to finish up at practice, then will post.
2 years ago Dendy #2
@edgarlambert We expect them to come in by tomorrow morning
2 years ago Girls invite mile
@lisa0203 Thanks for the heads up!
2 years ago 39.14 300m by Tyler Dingle @ CHSAA Novice and Junior Midget
@ddingle65 That would be the hand time conversion
2 years ago Article Comment: 2014 Indoor Track Coaches Council: Round One
@vparsley21 I agree that sometimes the focus can be central to a few athletes, and that many othe...
2 years ago Marine Corps Holiday Classic 2014
I put them all in at noon, and they update incrementally into the database
2 years ago Marine Corps Holiday Classic 2014
All should be added now, with the field events updated. If any are not, please let me know.
2 years ago Track Universe HS Invitational 2014 start time?
@ann627 Now updated
2 years ago NSCHSAA Christmas Classic
@CoachRenna Went in last night
2 years ago Article Comment: Van Cortlandt Park All-Time Lists - 5000 Meters
@Kalaby shoot us an email at kbrazeil@milesplit.com , so we can give you proper credit in the pro...
2 years ago Article Comment: Introducing the 2014 Indoor Track Coaches Council
Our aim in the coaches selection was to have a wide variety of voices. We have heads and assista...