Top Contributors This Week

We really appreciate our users and especially those of you contributing to the discussion board or uploading photos or videos to help augument our coverage. To say thank you for your efforts, we've created a point system to rank our users!

With all the statistical tracking we do for athletes, it's only fair to bring that competitive spirit to this aspect of the site! We will continue to tweak this formula to more accurately reflect our top users both by contributions and loyalty. This list is updated hourly for the trailing week. Thanks everyone for your support!

Rank User Name Real Name Points
1. Wrigs77 Justin Wrigley 878.50
2. cm73 -- 828.80
3. Zat0pek Rod Murrow 468.00
4. robeo73 rob marriott 441.95
  5. BraveDawg J.J. Wannamaker 343.10
  6. Big_Al_2112 Alan Shields 227.30
  7. seannunn Sean Nunn 197.60
  8. CoachBallew Aaron Ballew 169.00