Kyle Brazeil

About Me

Kyle Brazeil, a resident of Lincolndale NY, began his running career as a sophomore at Somers High School. Showing an affinity for the quarter mile, his passion for the sport continued past his graduation in 2007. Upon graduating, Kyle returned the immediate winter to volunteer coach the Somers’ sprinters. Due to his success within the program, he was quickly promoted that spring to Assistant Coach: Sprints and Relays. Kyle continues in this position at Somers during college breaks, as well as adding coaching experience at both Ithaca High School and Homer High School.

Kyle has been immersed in the world of multimedia for many years. He briefly was involved in film production, assisting in the creation of a nature documentary for PBS, in addition to other short pieces. He is also familiar with Web 2.0 through his numerous courses as an English Education major at the State University of New York at Cortland. Kyle has also assisted in the maintenance of numerous blogs, both personal and professional.

Kyle currently finds himself privately training select athletes during his summers, as well as in High School coaching positions during the school year. He continues to coach with Somers High School, intending to make it a permanent position in 2012.