Rim Rock Farm High School XC Classic

September 26, 2009 @ Rim Rock Farm in Lawrence, KS

Hosted by Lawrence High School     Official Meet Web Site

Compare this meet to Rim Rock Farm High School XC Classic (2010)

Meet Comparison Parameters

Gender: Male Female   Level: High School
Event: 1500m 1Mile 2000m 3000m 2Mile 4000m 3Mile
5000m 6000m 8000m 10000m
Athletes Who Ran Both Meets
WhatThis MeetThat Meet
Average Time:19:12.8418:27.52
Common Athletes45.32269
Middle 80%:44.09215
Top 10%:26.2826
Top 25%:37.4967
Top 50%:36.76134
Bottom 50%:53.81135
Bottom 10%:1:13.4727
8th Graders:-19.512
7th Graders:25.891
Overall Stats
WhatThis MeetThat Meet
Average Time:19:15.7119:15.72
Top 100 Average:17:07.7116:47.79
1st-10th Place:16:16.6415:50.42
11th-20th Place:16:36.1016:19.50
21st-30th Place:16:51.2316:34.04
31st-40th Place:17:04.8216:45.41
41st-50th Place:17:10.5416:51.44
51st-60th Place:17:16.9116:57.48
61st-70th Place:17:22.7217:08.02
71st-80th Place:17:27.4517:08.02
81st-90th Place:17:31.8517:12.69
91st-100th Place:17:38.8517:15.00

Beta This is an experimental feature. We will be developing this futher and offering other statistical comparisons and combinations. Please share your ideas and feedback to make it better.