Meet Results on Kansas Runners

  • Paul Everett
    Site Admin
    Coaches & Fans,

    I hope you have noticed we significantly increased the number of meets you will find results for on Kansas Runners but we still need your help.

    The advantage of using Kansas Runners is our database. Athlete Profiles to Sortable Rankings and the ability to run simulated virtual meets are powerful tools that can be used.

    Kansas Runners will search timing companies and school websites for results. We often find a pdf which is basically a picture of results, often in a hytek format. In most cases a pdf does is not something we can convert into the Kansas Runners format.

    However if you are using Hytek - Here are just a few simple instructions to use so that your meet appears in the Kansas Runners database.

    1. With Hy-Tek Meet Manager open, Click Reports / Results
    2. At the top, select "All Events." Click "Select All" using the button on the left.
    3. At the bottom, select "Flat HTML." Check any items to be included such as records, time standards, event comments, etc.
    4. At right, select "Publication" rather than "Event" for sort order.
    5. Click "Create Report," and, when it is done, give the newly created file a name and a location to copy to. Name the file so that it will be easy to recognize as coming from your meet.
    6. E-mail this newly created results file as an attachment to