Race Calendar

Kansas 2015 Outdoor Meets

March 2015 Location Results
3/12 Southwestern College Invitational Winfield, KS
3/14 Texas Distance Festival Southlake, TX
3/20 3/21 Jesuit-Sheaner Relays Dallas, TX
3/25 3/28 Texas Relays Austin, TX
3/26 Topek West Invitational Topeka, KS
3/27 3/28 Alex Francis Classic Hays, KS
3/27 Free State Early Bird Lawrence, KS
3/27 Shawnee Mission East Quad Prairie Village, KS
3/27 Sterling Invitational Sterling, KS
3/27 Wyandotte Relays Kansas City, KS
3/28 Cherokee Strip Relays Medford, OK
3/28 Emporia State Spring Open Emporia, KS
3/28 Wendy's/PSU Invitational Pittsburgh, KS
3/30 Archie Invitational Archie, MO
3/31 Andover Early Bird Meet Andover, KS
3/31 Burden Central Junior High Meet Burden, KS
3/31 Cherokee Southeast Invitational ---, KS
3/31 Eisenhower Invitational Goddard, KS
3/31 Falls City Invitational Falls City, NE
3/31 Holton Invitational Holton, KS
3/31 Mulvane Invitational Mulvane, KS
3/31 St. Johns of Beloit Invitational Beloit, KS
3/31 Tribune Early Season Meet Tribune, KS
3/31 Wichita Northwest JV Invitational Wichita, KS
April 2015 Location Results
4/2 Andale Invitational Andale, KS
4/2 Baldwin Invitational Baldwin City, KS
4/2 Blue Valley Spring Classic Overland Park, KS
4/2 Blue Valley Spring Classic Overland Park, KS
4/2 Blue Valley Spring Classic Overland Park, KS
4/2 Blue Valley Spring Classic Overland Park, KS
4/2 Central Heights Invitational Richmond, KS
4/2 Chapman Invitational Chapman, KS
4/2 Cimarron Invitational Cimarron, KS
4/2 Frankfort Arctic Invitational Frankfort, KS
4/2 Hillsboro Middle School Invitational Hillsboro, KS
4/2 Kinsley Invitational Kinsley, KS
4/2 LaCrosse Invitational La Crosse, KS
4/2 Lyndon Invitational Lyndon, KS
4/2 4/3 Minneola Invitational Minneola, KS
4/2 Nickerson Invitational Nickerson, KS
4/2 Ottawa Relays Ottawa, KS
4/2 Oxford Invitational Oxford, KS
4/2 Republic County Buff Inviational Belleville, KS
4/2 Silver Lake Invitational Silver Lake, KS
4/2 Silver Lake mInvitational Silver Lake, KS
4/2 Ulysses Max Hiebert Invitational Ulysses, KS
4/2 Washburn Rural Invitational Topeka, KS
4/2 Wichita Southeast Invitational Wichita, KS
4/2 Winfield Invitational Winfield, KS
4/3 4/4 Auburn Tiger Track Classic Auburn, AL
4/3 Junction City Invitational Junction City, KS
4/4 Battle on the Bayou Baton Rouge, LA
4/4 Cowley Tiger Invitational Arkansas City, KS
4/4 Emporia State Relays Emporia, KS
4/4 Shawnee Mission South Relays Overland Park, KS
4/6 Newton Invitational Newton, KS
4/6 Smith Center JV Smith Center, KS
4/7 Douglass Invitational Douglass, KS
4/7 Ellinwood JV Invitational Ellinwood, KS
4/7 Ellis Invitational Ellis, KS
4/7 Goessel CKTL Quintangular Goessel, KS
4/7 Hiawatha Invitational Hiawatha, KS
4/7 Holton Big 7 Quad Holton, KS
4/7 Lansing Invitational Lansing, KS
4/7 Maize JV Invitational Maize, KS
4/7 Mulvane Invitational Mulvane, KS
4/7 Royal Valley Invitational Hoyt, KS
4/7 Stanton County Invitational Johnson City, KS
4/7 Valley Heights Invitational Blue Rapids, KS
4/7 Wamego JV Invitational Wamego, KS
4/7 West Elk Junior High Invitational ---, KS
4/8 Cowley Combined Events Arkansas City, KS
4/8 4/11 KT Woodman Classic Wichita, KS
4/9 Abilene Middle School Track Meet Abilene, KS
4/9 Atchison Invitational Atchison, KS
4/9 Central Junior High Meet Burden, KS
4/9 4/10 Emporia State Multis Emporia, KS
4/9 Ingalls Invitational Ingalls, KS
4/9 Norton Junior High Invitational Norton, KS
4/9 Oiler MS Relays Claflin, KS
4/9 4/10 Pre-State Challenge Wichita, KS
4/9 Pretty Prairie Little Meet ---, KS
4/9 Russell Invitational Russell, KS
4/9 Shawnee Mission North JV Meet Shawnee, KS
4/9 Smith Center MS Invitational Smith Center, KS
4/10 Augusta Invitational Augusta, KS
4/10 Bennington Invitational Bennington, KS
4/10 Bishop Miege Invitational Roeland Park, KS
4/10 Blue Valley Relays Stilwell, KS
4/10 Bobcat Relays Basehor, KS
4/10 Concordia Invitational Concordia, KS
4/10 Conway Springs Invitational Conway Springs, KS
4/10 Freezin' Falcon Relays Leonardville, KS
4/10 Freezing Falcon Relays ---, KS
4/10 Hoxie Invitational Hoxie, KS
4/10 Liberal Invitational Liberal, KS
4/10 Maize Invitational Maize, KS
4/10 Marion Relays Marion, KS
4/10 Meade Invitational Meade, KS
4/10 Norton Invitational Norton, KS
4/10 Olathe Invitational Gardner, KS
4/10 4/11 Pittsburg State Gorilla Classic Pittsburgh, KS
4/10 Topeka Relays Topeka, KS
4/10 Wabaunsee Invitational Wabaunsee, KS
4/11 CSAL Middle School Meet 1 Wichita, KS
4/11 Jock's Nitch/PSU Gorilla Relays Pittsburg, KS
4/11 Mt. SAC Community College Invitational Walnut, CA
4/14 Abilene JV Invitational Abilene, KS
4/14 Baker Relays Baldwin City, KS
4/14 Belle Plaine Invitational Belle Plaine, IA
4/14 Colby Triplains Invitational Colby, KS
4/14 Effingham Invitational Effingham, KS
4/14 Ellsworth Invitational Ellsworth, KS
4/14 Great Bend Horace Good Hawk Invitational Great Bend, KS
4/14 HPL Divisional (Elkhart) Lakin, KS
4/14 HPL Divisional (Southwestern Heights) Kismet, KS
4/14 Mill Valley Invitational DeSoto, KS
4/14 Nemaha Centeral Invitational Seneca, KS
4/14 Ness City Invitational Ness City, KS
4/14 Ness City MS Invitational Ness City, KS
4/14 Oxford JH Invitational Oxford, KS
4/14 Redmen Relays Smith Center, KS
4/14 Royal Valley Invitational Hoyt, KS
4/14 Salina South Invitational Salina, KS
4/14 West Elk High School Invitational Howard, KS
4/15 4/18 Kansas Relays Lawrence, KS
4/15 Kingman MS Invitational Kingman, KS
4/15 Stanton County Invitational Johnson City, KS
4/15 Wilson JH Meet Russell, KS
4/16 Adrian Blackhawk Invitational Adrian, MO
4/16 McPherson MS Meet McPherson, KS
4/16 4/18 Mt. SAC Relays Walnut, CA
4/16 4/18 Oregon Relays Eugene, OR
4/16 Phillipsburg Middle School Invitational Phillipsburg, KS
4/16 Ron Reed HS Invitational Rolla, KS
4/16 Wellington MS Richard Lawrence Relays Wellington, KS
4/16 Wichita Heights Invitational Wichita, KS
4/17 Elkart Glenn Cunningham Relays Elkhart, KS
4/17 Kingman Invitational Kingman, KS
4/17 Madison Jr High Inv Madison, KS
4/17 Rock Creek Invitational ---, KS
4/17 Rock Creek Invitational ---, KS
4/17 Valley Center Invitational Valley Center, KS
4/18 Tabor College Invitational Hillsboro, KS
4/21 Abilene Invitational Abilene, KS
4/21 Andover Invitational Andover, KS
4/21 Ashland Invitational Ashland, KS
4/21 Caldwell Invitational Caldwell, KS
4/21 Caney Valley Jr High Invitational Caney, KS
4/21 Halstead Inv Halstead, KS
4/21 Hesston CKTL Hesston, KS
4/21 Holton Invitational Holton, KS
4/21 Junction City JV Invitational Junction City, KS
4/21 Plainville Invitational Plainville, KS
4/21 Scott City Invitational Scott City, KS
4/21 Smoky Valley Inviational Linsborg, KS
4/21 St. John - Keith Blide Invitational Beloit, KS
4/21 Waverly Gene Farrow Invitational Waverly, KS
4/21 Wilson Invitational Russell, KS
4/22 4/25 Drake Relays Des Moines, IA
4/22 Emporia State Midweek Open Emporia, KS
4/23 Bonner Springs Track Invitational Bonner Springs, KS
4/23 Eudora Invitational Eudora, KS
4/23 Frankfort Late Invitational Frankfort, KS
4/23 Grain Valley Invitational Grain Valley, MO
4/23 Hutchinson Middle School Invitational Hutchinson, KS
4/23 Quinter Quad (MS) , KS
4/23 Rick Kilmer Classic Invitational (MS) Goddard, KS
4/23 Ruppenthal Invitational (MS) Russell, KS
4/23 Sterling Relays Sterling, KS
4/23 Washington County JV Meet Washington, KS
4/24 Barrier Breakers Invitational Lawrence, KS
4/24 Buhler Invitational Buhler, KS
4/24 Campus Invitational Haysville, KS
4/24 Clearwater Invitational Clearwater, KS
4/24 Fredonia Relays Fredonia, KS
4/24 Holcomb Invitational Holcomb, KS
4/24 Larned Invitational Larned, KS
4/24 Norwich Invitational Norwich, KS
4/24 Shawnee Mission South Mid Season Invitational Overland Park, KS
4/24 Shawnee Mission West Invitational Overland Park, KS
4/25 Southwestern (Kan.) Relays Winfield, KS
4/25 Stan Lyons Invtitational Indianapolis, IN
4/25 Zach Kindler Wildcat Open Baldwin City, KS
4/28 Burden Central Invitational Burden, KS
4/28 East Invitational Relays Wichita, KS
4/28 Falls City Invitational Falls City, NE
4/30 James Thomas Invitational - Hillsboro Hillsboro, KS
4/30 Manhattan Small School Invitational Manhattan, KS
4/30 McPherson Inviational McPherson, KS
May 2015 Location Results
5/1 Arkansas City Invitational Arkansas City, KS
5/1 El Dorado Invitational ---, KS
5/1 Hesston Invitational Hesston, KS
5/1 Hutchinson Invitational Hutchinson, KS
5/1 Madison Inv Madison, KS
5/1 Minneapolis Invitational Minneapolis, KS
5/1 Seaman Relays Topeka, KS
5/1 St. Mary's Invitational St. Marys, KS
5/1 St. Marys Invitational St. Marys, KS
5/2 Rock Chalk Classic Lawrence, KS
5/6 Burlington Inv. Burlington, KS
5/7 Circle Invitational Towanda, KS
5/7 Cowley Tiger Last Chance Arkansas City, KS
5/7 Goddard Invitational Goddard, KS
5/7 Russell Relays Russell, KS
5/8 Chaparral Invitational Anthony, KS
5/8 Derby Invitational Derby, KS
5/8 Dundy County Stratton Invitational , NE
5/8 Goddard Invitational Goddard, KS
5/8 Hesston Invitational Hesston, KS
5/8 Wamego Invitational Wamego, KS
5/9 Sam Williams Twilight Qualifier Emporia, KS
5/11 Onaga JV Invitational Onaga, KS
5/14 Central Kansas League Meet Hillsboro, KS
5/14 Mid-East League Meet St. Marys, KS
5/15 AVCTL Division I and II League Meet Valley Center, KS
5/15 Greater Wichita League Meet Wichita, KS
5/15 South Central Border League Meet Caldwell, KS
5/16 New Balance Twilight Invitational , MA
5/21 5/23 NAIA Outdoor Track and Field National Championships Gulf Shores, AL
5/21 5/23 NCAA Division II Track and Field Championships Allendale, MI
5/29 5/30 Kansas State Track and Field Championships Wichita, KS
June 2015 Location Results
6/4 6/6 Great Southwest Classic Albuquerque, NM
6/10 6/13 NCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track & Field Championship Eugene, OR
6/13 Adidas Grand Prix New York, NY
6/19 6/21 New Balance Outdoor Nationals Greensboro, NC
6/20 Brooks PR Invitational Shoreline, WA
6/25 6/28 USATF Junior National Outdoor T&F Championships Eugene, OR
6/25 6/28 USATF Outdoor Track & Field Championships Eugene, OR
July 2015 Location Results
7/27 8/2 USATF National JO Outdoor Track and Field Championship Jacksonville, FL
August 2015 Location Results
8/1 8/8 AAU Junior Olympic Games Norfolk, VA