Getting to Know Hurdler/Jumper Lauren Doll

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This week i got to visit with Lauren Doll, now Lauren and i have a coach athlete relationship with the league. Lauren run for a rival league school Flint Hills HS. and when Lauren started to pick up the hurdles last season i saw a lot of potential in the young. Randy Doll, Lauren's father and i started an email, text, phone call relationship on how to get Lauren to hurdle and become a good hurdler, She had been watching one of my own hurdlers, Sarah Hines run the hurdles and felt she could be a very competitive 1A hurdler. Well with Lauren's work ethic and determination Lauren has not only become the best hurdler in 1A (2015 State Champ in both hurdles) but she has become one of  the top 2 hurdlers in the state all classes. Her is our conversation.

Personal Records
  • 100mH - 14.80
  • 100m - 12.86
  • 200m - 26.90
  • 300mH - 46.36
  • 400m - 1:01.91
  • Long Jump (in) - 15-11.25
  • Long Jump - 17-5.25
  • Shot Put - 30-3.5
  • Heptathlon - 3,923

How did you get started in Track & Field?

After quitting gymnastics, my dad sort of made me go out for track my freshman year. Believe it or not, I didn't want to do track. Fortunately I listened to him and did it. Thank you, dad.


What got you started in the hurdles...especially since you didn't pick them up till this last spring, late in the season.

Half way through my junior track season my mom came up with the crazy idea that I should try hurdles. She watched Sarah Hines run hurdles all the time and thought maybe I should give it a shot. Sarah was, and still is, my inspiration for the hurdles.


What is your favorite event and what event do you not do but you think it would be fun to do? My favorite event is definitely hurdles but if I could do any event that I don't do now, it would be pole vault. We don't have it here at Flinthills, but if we did, I would for sure be doing it!

How does it feel to be the top senior returning this year and coming from a 1A school?

It's definitely a confidence boost but I don't really see myself as the top returning senior. I see it more as I'm just here trying to beat my own marks, better myself, and win.


That dive you made to win the 300H will go down as one of the best finishes of the decade. What was going through your mind coming down the stretch and at the moment you leaned and dove?

All I could think about coming down the last stretch was faster, faster, breathe, you can't let her get you, this is it, leave it all on the track and do whatever it takes to win. Coming off the last hurdle we were neck and neck and I said to myself, "lean farther, lean farther, this is it. Give it everything you got." and out of the corner of my eye I saw her starting to fall. So, I knew that with every last bit of energy I had left I had to dive, so I did. It was all worth it.


Is there anyone you see as your biggest competition to repeat as state champion in both hurdle events? There are a few girls that I'll be watching as competition at state, but the biggest one is myself and my own times.



What other meets are you planning on running this winter?

I will be competing in the KU meet on the 31st and possibly the Missouri southern.


What events will you be doing this winter and in the spring?

This winter I'm mainly just focusing on hurdles but during the spring I am going to do the 100h, 300h, LJ, TJ. I may do some other ones here and there but those are the big ones.


What are your expectations this spring in track?

I have pretty high expectations for myself this season. PR in every event. Win both the 100h and 300h at state. And possibly break the state record in ether the 100h or 300h.


What would be a typical non meet work out week look like?

A typical non meet work out week would be something like this. Monday- hurdle drills, 4- 400s. Tuesday- hurdle drills, 4- 150s, 3- 200s. Wednesday- long jump and/or other event work, 4- 300s with hurdles. Thursday- block work, 10- 100s. Friday- hurdle drills or field event work, 3- 200s.



Do you play any other sports in high school?

I currently don't do any other sport than track. I did cheer for the first two years but that is all.


So obviously track is something you're looking at competing in at the college level have you made a decision on a college? And if so why was that your choice?

I've decided to go to Friends University. They have an excellent track team and the Christian background I am looking for. The head track coach, Cole Davis, has really made me feel welcome at friends and on the track team. Also, my mom and my sister have graduated from Friends and they both love it!


So let's have some fun with a few questions and get a little personal with them.

What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject is Art... and lunch J



Do you have a favorite TV show?

I usually don't watch TV much but when I do I really like The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.



What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Italian food. Anything like pasta with alfredo sauce or breadsticks. I could eat that forever!


Do you have any pets if so what are they?

Yes, we have 2 dogs, 1 yellow and 1 brown lab, 8 cats/kittens, 9 chickens, and 2 horses.



Ok final question, finish this sentence, If I'm not working out I'm .......... probably taking a nap or at school/doing homework.