Less Than A Month To Go : What To Do On Kansas MileSplit



1) Claim your team by going to your team page and clicking the "Sign Up as Team Admin" button.



2) Once accepted as a team admin, go to the "Team Manager" mode found right under the team name on your team page.


3) Add your team schedule in the "Schedule/Results" tab or send us your schedule to deverett@milesplit.us.



4) Make sure your team roster is correct and up to date in the "Roster" tab.  Duplicates or problems with your roster?  Email us what needs to be fixed and we will take care of it for you.  If you have duplicates do not just make one inactive.



5)  Check out Online Meet Registration.


6) Check out wehre your runners and team stand in their league, sectional and class in the rankings found under Stats.




7) Enjoy your season!


Athletes and Parents:


1) Claim your athlete profile by searching you/your kids name in the search bar or on your school's team page.


2) If there are multiple names on the team roster or a misspelling of you/your kids name, send us what is wrong to deverett@milesplit.us and we will take care of it for you.


3) Add a picture to your athlete profile as well as a list of athletic accomplishments.  Not only does this jazz up your profile, but it also gives you a leg up on other runners as many college coaches check out athlete pages.




4)  See where you/your kid ranks up in your league, sectional, class and state in the rankings found under "Stats"




5) Compare yourself to other competitors in the "Compare Athletes" feature under "Stats"




6) Enjoy your season!